Big Brother Canada: HGs Prepare For Second Eviction In Week 6

Gary on Big Brother Canada

The living ain’t always easy in the Big Brother Canada house and this week is no exception as the HGs prepare for their second eviction for Week 6 of the season.

If you’ve been following along on the Feeds then you know what’s heading our way on Thursday night, but if not then read on to get caught up though beware, there are spoilers ahead.

Little has changed as the HGs continue to prepare for Gary to be evicted on Thursday. Since nothing changed at yesterday’s Veto ceremony the nominations will remain as Gary and Topaz.

Andrew, the current HoH, isn’t about to make the same mistake Tom did when he let Gary off the block after seeing that come back to bite him in the game. Instead he’s made it very clear that Gary will be the one leaving the house.

At this point even Gary and Topaz assume this is the plan and would be shocked if Topaz is the one to leave though they expect her to be the easy target next week if she doesn’t win HoH on Thursday night’s Big Brother Canada episode.

Do you think the HGs are making the right choice of Gary over Topaz?