Big Brother Canada: Fight Encourages Sloppies To Turn On Their Own

The Sloppy Seconds are running the Big Brother Canada house with the numbers on their side, but with just six people left they’ll eventually have to turn on themselves. Seems that’s about to happen sooner than some of them think.

Adel and Sabrina fight
Adel and Sabrina fight – Source: Slice

Last night the HGs were enjoying Jon’s booze reward from a challenge earlier that day. Everyone was sitting around the hot tub drinking up some Scotch whiskey, sharing stories, and pointing out birthmarks. (Nice try, Heather, but that’s totally a third nipple.) Things actually got pretty interesting as their inhibitions dropped and started telling each other what they really thought of them at their first meeting.

As all good things must come to an end, Adel made sure to be the catalyst here. He jumped on Sabrina for some past event over sugar packets and soon the two were screaming at each other and the hot tub was empty. Thanks, Adel.

Back inside Sabrina began screeching at Neda, Jon, and anyone else she could find that she wanted to leave the house this week. Sabrina told the HGs to keep Rachelle and send her to Jury. She couldn’t take Adel’s daily attacks anymore.

Jon and Neda quickly saw this as their opportunity to dispatch Adel without getting any blood on their hands. Jon pointed out that Sabrina would most definitely go after Adel given the chance and if they threw the next HoH to her it’d be their chance to let it happen. They were soon consoling her & pledging their support.

Of course it’s all still a numbers game and this seems like an unnecessarily complicated approach to a simple problem. Adel can’t win HoH as the outgoing HoH. As long as Jeda hold on to Heather they can at the very least force a tied vote should anything crazy happen with the Veto next week.

Adel may very well be done next week unless he secures that Veto win. If the Sloppies let Sabrina win this week and get out Adel then they’d be guaranteed a better shot at eliminating her as she wouldn’t be able to compete in the following HoH and would need the Veto to outlast the Final 3 Sloppies. Okay, I take it back. This is a good plan. Hopefully Jeda & Heather will take the opportunity and send Adel off to Jury this upcoming week instead of the next if that’s their new target.

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