Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Week 8 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

There is something in the Big Brother Canada water this season because the players are making some questionable moves. Jedson may take the prize this week as he makes a boldly bad decision. Since the BBCAN9 Power of Veto Competition, everyone has been lying and tried to manipulate each other. We don’t know exactly what will happen during the Power of Veto Ceremony and this week’s eviction in general. The houseguests really picked the best week for such crazy gameplay. It’s a fake double eviction, so all the decisions made this week may come back to haunt everyone.

Jedson won the Power of Veto, and logically, he should use it to save himself, but Tera (with the help of others) has convinced Jedson to use his Veto to save Beth. She has told him that if he uses the Veto on Beth, she will nominate Breydon in his place. If he uses it on himself, she will send Tychon on the block. Originally, Tera planned to pull the wool over the trio’s eyes and nominate Tychon in either situation. However, it seems she may have had a change of heart.

She was really considering putting up Breydon to ensure that Jedson went home, and trusting that Tychon was really ready to flip on the trio.  However, Tychon was telling the trio that he would vote out Breydon. Tychon is in the best spot of the trio. He has successfully made alliances with people beyond the trio and seems like the least threatening one because he doesn’t have as many competition wins and not in a showmance (anymore). Today, we aren’t 100 percent sure of anything, whether Jedson will stick to his misguided plan and save Beth. If Tera will put up Breydon or Tychon, and if she puts up Breydon, will Tychn betray Breydon or Jedson.

It’s already been a messy week, and it seems like it’s just about to get messier. So who did Tera nominate as Jedson’s replacement? Read below to find out!

BBCAN9 Week 8 Power Of Veto Ceremony Results

  • Jedson used the Veto to save Beth. Breydon went up as his replacement nominee.

Everyone is making real bad choices this week, so we’ll see how that works out for all of them on Thursday. Add us on Facebook, Twitter, and download our app for the latest BBCAN9 spoilers, news, exclusives, and much more.