Big Brother Canada 7: Whose Game Will the Latest Twist Hurt Most? [POLL}

Big Brother Canada 7 Premire

This week, Canada introduced a new twist: someone will be granted access to Leon’s Lounge. This lounge will include surveillance footage of things going on throughout the house. This is no new twist to the Big Brother Canada world. They have done this twist quite often, and they even did it on the premiere episode of Big Brother Canada 7. This twist has mixed reactions from fans.

Some love it because it allows them to reward their favorites with a special prize. Others hate it because it gives one player too much information—potentially game damaging info. It has hurt great players by exposing their covert game to the wrong people. We expect some good and bad to come out of this twist, but we are excited to see how it plays out.

On Sunday night, Arisa Cox announced this twist. Fans of Big Brother Canada 7 basically only had a day to vote. We probably won’t know until tomorrow’s episode who won the power, but it’s likely to go to Este, Kiki, or Damien. This will probably give this side a boost of confidence, and some much needed valuable info.

This twist is bound to hurt someone’s game. We personally think this twist will hurt Dane, Anthony, and the Pretty Boys game the most. So we ask you, whose game will be hurt the most by this Big Brother Canada 7 twist?

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