Big Brother Canada 7 Spoilers-Who Won BBCAN7?

There are a few more hours until we watch the Big Brother Canada finale play out. We’ll witness Kyra, Anthony, or Dane walk away the winner of the season. Last night, we saw Adam’s dreams of winning Big Brother go out the window. Tonight, we see the same happen for two other players.

We were left with a lot of mystery at the end of Wednesday’s broadcast, because none of the three part final Head of Household had begun. Now all the mysteries of the season have been solved. We’re about to spoil the Big Brother Canada finale for you. So if you have no patience, continue on to read the results. If you like a little mystery, then read on below.

BBCAN7 Finale Spoilers

  • HOH Part 1: Dane
  • HOH Part 2: Kyra
  • HOH Part 3: Dane
  • Evicted: Kyra
  • Winner: Dane by an unanimous vote

How do you feel about this player winning Big Brother Canada 7?

Join us later tonight for the official recap. BBCAN7 may be coming to an end tonight, but make sure to add us on Facebook and download our app. We’ll continue to update you on all things Big Brother Canada related.