Big Brother Canada 7 Predictions: Which Players Are Most in Danger During the Double? (VOTE)

This season of Big Brother Canada is a bit unpredictable. The houseguests constantly debate who to evict, usually right until they walk out the door. Two out of the three evictions have united, but not after much discussion. We saw the second eviction lead to an epic tie-vote.

The main reason for this unpredictability is the house divide and the power struggle amongst the Pretty Boys. Tonight we get a two for one eviction: It’s Double Eviction night. The first eviction seems pretty standard. We expect both Kyra and Chelsea to fight until the bitter end for safety.

Well we know Chelsea will fight, but Kyra knows that they are safe. They also know that the look pretty weak compared to Chelsea, who has already won HOH and made a bold move. Kyra also has too much of a crush on Chelsea to really campaign against her.

At the end of the day, we expect another unanimous vote to evict Chelsea.

The real excitement and confusion comes with the Double Eviction. There are so many unpredictable variables that could determine who goes home. However, we think the players in most danger of going home are: Adam, Sam, Eddie, and Mark. Of course, they all could end up safe and someone random like Kyra, Cory or Damien could go, but it’s less likely. Adam or Sam are probably the odds favorite to go, but they also both have a huge chance of winning HOH or Veto.

So then all bets are off. The only player that should be relatively safe is Dane. He could either win Veto or his social game would make him hard to evict against almost anyone. Anthony is a close second, in terms of safety, but if Dane and Anthony end up on the block together, we see Anthony going before Dane.

We’re so excited for tonight’s Big Brother Canada 7 Double Eviction. Who do you think will go home? You can select up to two choices. Also feel free to let us know by commenting below.

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Join us later tonight to see if your prediction comes true when we recap the BBCAN7 Double Eviction.

Screencapped by 89razorskate20

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