Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds: POV Meeting Plans – Week 6

Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds POV Meeting Plans - Week 6

We found out yesterday who won the Power of Veto this week on Big Brother Canada 6. Kaela has her sights set on Ryan this week, but could using the POV ruin those chances? Keep reading to find out what might happen during the POV Meeting today!

So, Kaela is the HOH, she has nominated Will and Ryan with the hopes that Ryan will be going home. Derek, Johnny, and Erica joined them in the POV comp this week and Johnny won the POV. After talking to Will yesterday, Johnny told Kaela that he was thinking about using the POV on Will. Kaela doesn’t see the point in using the POV to take Will down because Will isn’t her target. She also tells Johnny that using it could make a new enemy. After all, the renom isn’t going to be thrilled that Johnny used the POV which resulted in them being on the block.

Today, Johnny had a chat with Ryan about not using the POV, but Ryan tells Johnny that if he doesn’t use it to take Will down, Ryan has no chance of staying this week. Ryan stands by his decision and also told Will and Kaela that he is not using it either, but will he actually stick by that at the POV Meeting? We will find out for sure a little later today so make sure you come back to find out. In the meantime, let me know if you think that leaving Will on the block with Ryan will guarantee Ryan’s exit this week in the comments below or on social media.

Keep in mind, we still have the twist! Do you think that Canada will choose to save one of the nominees this week? If so, which one do you think they will save?

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