Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds: Post HOH House Meeting

Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds Post HOH House Meeting

What a night on the Big Brother Canada 6 live feeds last night. After the HOH results were in last night, the new HOH called a house meeting for a couple of the other HGs to clear the air. That turned into the HGs basically throwing each other’s game under the bus. Keep reading to get a rundown of everything talked about in last night’s house meeting on the Big Brother Canada live feeds!

The house meeting started off with Kaela and Derek in the HOH room waiting for Johnny to get the rest of the house to the HOH room for the meeting. They are talking about how they are going to blow up everyone’s game and out everyone for wanting Johnny out last week last week and then all of a sudden switched their votes.

I feel like this was a lame attempt to try and get the target off their backs this week and aim it at someone else. However, I’m not sure that is going to be the way that happens. I’ll let you know why in a little bit.

After Johnny gets the house together in the HOH, Derek tells everyone that at one point or another, everyone in the house wanted Johnny out last week. This breaks off with everyone admitting that they did want him out, but by the end of the week, they were swayed to keep him and get Ryan out.

Johnny at one point tells everyone that he finds it funny that everyone is afraid of Daela. No one wants to be honest to Daela about the stuff they have said in front of them. This house meeting was a lot of back and forth with Kaela trying to blow up everyone’s game and her telling Johnny that she was one of the first people that was for keeping him this week.

During the course of this, Kaela manages to call Paras out for wanting Johnny out the week Kaela was in the HOH. Kaela told Johnny during this meeting that when Johnny and Maddy’s name was brought up that week for noms, Paras was the one that implied that it was Johnny who came up with the plan to get Kaela out next. Paras tells Johnny that she actually told Kaela and Derek that it was Ryan’s plan to get Kaela out that week, but Kaela is insisting that Paras insinuated that it was Johnny.

Paras gets heated because Kaela is clearly trying to get the target off her back and put it on someone else. This turns into a lot of screaming and Paras trying to defend what was actually said and how things went. She keeps telling Kaela and the rest of the house that it was Ryan’s idea, Kaela is telling them that it might have been Ryan’s idea, but she said that Johnny and Maddy were the ones spreading the plan around.

This morning, Paras came up to tell Johnny that she isn’t going to re-hatch anything that was said last night, but if Kaela or Derek come to him and say anything about her that concerns him, to come talk to her. She explains that they both knew that someone at some point was going to try and pin them against each other. During this conversation, Johnny mentions that at this point Daela should expect to be up as noms this week because he has been so vocal about wanting them out.

We will know for sure who Johnny puts up a little later today, make sure you come back to find out if Johnny makes the move of nominating Derek and Kaela.

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