Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds: Nomination Anticipation – Week 6

Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds Nomination Anticipation - Week 6

Last night we watched as Merron exited the Big Brother Canada 6 house. We also got to watch the HOH comp on the Big Brother Canada live feeds yesterday. Get the details of the HOH comp and find out who is in danger of hitting the block this week right here!

Last night’s HOH comp was called Buttoned Up, the HGs had to hold a button above their head, during the course of the comp, BB offered them temptations. Naturally, if they took the temptation, they were out of the competition. Arisa explained that there were no Have-Nots this week, but for every five minutes the comp goes on for, everyone has an hour of slop. They are told that if they want to take one of the temptations, they have to hit the buzzer in front of them.

The first temptation was a pizza party for the house if someone hits their buzzer, no one jumped at that. The second temptation was $1000, Paras took that temptation. The third temptation was 48 hours of cold showers if no one hit the buzzer, no one hit the buzzer. The fourth temptation was a slop pass for the season, again no one took it. The next temptation was immunity for the week, Derek jumped on that. The final temptation was a call from a loved one, Will took that and during his call you could actually hear his son saying “hi Daddy” when he gets it.

The final two HGs in the HOH comp were Kaela and Olivia after all the temptations were given and the others got eliminated. Olivia took a deal with Kaela for Wendy’s and gave Kaela the HOH. This is not a good thing for Will, after all Kaela and Derek told him if he didn’t vote to evict Ryan, Will was hitting the block. Who do you think will hit the block next to Will? The talks on the feeds are that Johnny will hit the block with Will to ensure that Will is evicted this week. If Will wins the POV, it could make for an interesting week. I would imagine that Ryan will be the renom nomination. What do you think of this decision? Make sure you come back a little later to find out who Kaela nominates!

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