Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds: HOH Blindside in the Works?

Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds HOH Blindside in the Works

As we all know, Johnny’s goal in the Big Brother Canada 6 house has been to get Derek or Kaela out of the house. He has been working very hard at this and with this week’s HOH win, Johnny had a real good chance of making that happen. He nominated both Derek and Kaela and then Derek went on to win the POV. Ali was put up in Derek’s place as a renom and things looked like they were on track to get Kaela out.

Yesterday there is a lot of chatter about keeping Kaela in the house and evicting Ali instead, Johnny got wind of this and this morning there was another house meeting. It was really a screaming match between Johnny, Kaela, and Derek where Kaela and Derek were trying to throw Johnny and his gameplay under the bus. There was also a lot of talking about how the house is thinking about flipping, but after the meeting, Will, Maddy, and Paras sit and chat.

They discuss how things could play out if Kaela stays in the house and if Ali stays in the house. Will tells them that he is leaning more towards keeping Ali because Daela is more dangerous than Ali and her allies. If they keep Kaela, their trust with Johnny would be out the window and there is no guarantee that Daela would keep any promises they made to them.

Paras has reservations about keeping Kaela because her and Derek lie about everything. She is also worried that if they keep Ali, Johnny won’t have their back even though they went with his plan. They all think that threatening Derek and Kaela with pulling their jury votes will cause them to stick to their promises. Paras said that she was worried that Canada was screaming at them to get rid of Kaela and judging by our poll results so far, she isn’t wrong.

They all agree to take a break from their talk and then call Daela down later. Will tells them that he isn’t going at this all day because it’s exhausting. Will thinks that getting the talk with Daela down sooner rather than later could prove helpful. Paras isn’t ready to talk to them yet so he tells them to let him know when they are. When Paras is finally like “let’s just do it now” Big Brother calls for an HOH lockdown.

What do you think they should do? Do you think that keeping Kaela is a good idea for their game? Or do you think that staying loyal to Johnny, who might still not be happy with them after, is a better idea? Let me know in the comments below or on social media!

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