Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds Discussion: Hamza’s Plan This Week

Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds Discussion: Hamza’s Plan This Week

Last night on Big Brother Canada 6, we watched as another eviction happened inside the house and the second HG was evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. After that, the remaining HGs competed in the HOH comp, which had the HGs competing in pairs and left the winner of the HOH an emotional mess on the feeds.

Last night’s HOH comp had the HGs compete in pairs and with their being an odd number of HGs, one of them was left without a partner and unable to compete. Lucky for Erica, despite not being able to compete (due to not having a partner), she scored immunity for the week and can’t be put up on the block. Not that it matters much, because Hamza already has his target set.

Hamza was paired up with Veronica last night in the HOH comp and after the pair won, Veronica gave the power and the title to Hamza. This left Hamza an emotional wreck when he got a message from his fiance. Talks turned to who Hamza was targeting this week. With his eyes set on splitting up Daela, his plan is to put Kaela and Olivia on the block. Hamza will then win the POV, then take Liv down and renom Derek. He thinks that Kaela is a big social threat and keeping her in the house is not only dangerous, but voting her out would also break up the little showmance.

If for any reason Kaela should with the POV and take herself off the block, his backup plan is to still put Derek up in her place and then vote him out. Essentially still breaking up the pair. Do you think that there is a stronger player he can target or is breaking up Daela the best move? This has the potential to really shake up the Big Brother Canada house. Let me know what you think in the comments below or on social media!

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