Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds Discussion: Could Someone End Up Backdoored?

Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds Discussion Could Someone End Up Backdoored

With Hamza in the HOH on Big Brother Canada 6 and his nominations in place, things in the house are a little intense. Hamza changed his original nomination plan which had the HGs scrambling. We also have the POV results in and there is some opportunity for a backdoor situation to happen, but will it?

The Power of Veto competition happened yesterday and Hamza did exactly what he said he was going to do, he won it. Along with a $5000 prize, but what will he do with it? Hamza’s original plan was going open up the chances of Kaela and Derek being on the block together as final nominees this week, but when Hamza didn’t nominate Kaela, that changes this week’s narrative a bit.

Now, with Olivia and Jesse on the block together and all the power this week is in Hamza’s plan, it’s time for Hamza to make a big move. This plan may or may not include splitting up the showmance. There has been a lot of talks about a Double Eviction and how if it’s a True or False comp, this could make or break the group depending on who they send home. Evicting Jesse could open a new can of worms where if Derek or Kaela win then next HOH, Hamza, Will or Veronica will end up on the block and one will go home. If they decide to backdoor Ryan, they can actually unite the two alliances, even if it’s just a short time. Especially if they take Jesse down with the POV. Hamza understands that even if he puts himself in a good position with the house, if they were smart, they would come after him next week regardless because he is a strong competitor.

Hamza had a conversation with Jesse this morning on the Big Brother Canada 6 live feeds. Hamza tells him that he is still debating on whether he is going to use the POV or not. He kind of puts Jesse at ease when he tells him that he thinks they have the votes to keep him and vote Olivia out, but when Jesse leaves the room, he tells us that he feels bad for telling him that. He then mentions that he has two options this week. He can either send Jesse home or keep him around.

Will he target Jesse this week, backdoor Ryan or will he go with his original plan and backdoor Derek? We will find out for sure what Hamza plan is a little later today so stay tuned for those results here! What plan do you think Hamza will go with this week on Big Brother Canada? Which one do you think is better for his game play? Let me know in the comments below or on social media!

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