Big Brother Canada 6 Episode 28 Recap: The Final Three Players are…

Big Brother Canada 6 Episode 28 Recap: The Final Three Players are...

The suspense has been building as the Big Brother Canada 6 feeds have been off all week. They went down after we learned who won the Power of Veto; we were left to wonder what he or she would do with the power. This close to the finale, one wrong move could completely end someone’s chances of winning Big Brother Canada 6.

Currently, Paras is the only person we know for sure that is going to the final three. She won the last Head of Household, which guaranteed her spot in the semi-finals. This left Will, Kaela, and Derek to fight for their spots in the Power of Veto competition.

Paras nominated Kaela and Derek for eviction, but it doesn’t really matter who goes up on the block this week, it matters who wins the Veto. The Veto holder ensures their safety and also determines who else joins Paras and him or her in the semi-finals.

We only have a little over 24 hours before the Big Brother Canada 6 winner is crowned. It’s going to be a bumpy ride to the end.

BBCAN6 Week 10 Power of Veto Competition:

The final four Big Brother Canada players all want this Veto more than anything. For Derek, Will, and Kaela it means their spot in the semi-finals. For Will it also means he can ensure that Paras and him are one step closer to the final two.

For Derek, it means he can keep Kaela’s and his games alive. For Kaela, it means that she gets the power to keep Derek in the game or make a bold move by evicting him. For Paras, it means she controls who sits in the final three with her.

It was a timed competition where they had to listen to clues by evicted houseguests. They had to pick between true or false while blindfolded. They had to move through a maze based on their answers, and then gather puzzle pieces. They then had to put this puzzle together. The player to go through the maze and put their puzzle together the fastest won this week’s POV.

The puzzle pieces are numbers that answer the final questions.

Kaela won the Power of Veto!

BBCAN6 Week 10 Power of Veto Ceremony and Eviction Vote:

This Veto ceremony is a critical one because it not only keeps someone safe, but leads to the eviction of another player. Paras and Will try hard to get Kaela to toss out Derek instead of evicting Will.

Kaela VTE Will. Will has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada 6 house. 

Kaela, Derek, and Paras are the final three players!

See you tomorrow as we recap the Big Brother Canada 6 finale and crown a winner.