Big Brother Canada 5 Week 6 Voting Plans

Seven votes ahead this week on Big Brother Canada 5 and we’ve got the final noms for the round after a late arriving Veto Ceremony confirmed which side Dillon would take. At least for now.

Sindy and Jackie talk on BBCAN5

So we’ve seen the noms set, the Veto played, and the final noms picked. There isn’t much of a mystery for who we can expect to go and now the HGs are starting to see their options are narrowing as well. Here’s where the votes are looking to go at this point.

Sindy was renom’d last night after Demetres saved himself with his Veto win. Bruno and Kevin (well, and Sindy) and hoped for Ika to go up after Dillon told them he’d do just that. Instead he went with his real plan as coordinated with the Newbies plus Ika and Sindy was sent to the Block for an all but assured eviction on Thursday.

There will be seven votes this round with Bruno, Demetres, Dre, Ika, Karen, Kevin, and William heading in to the Diary Room. Jackie and Sindy will be on the Block and Dillon sits as the outgoing HoH with no chance of a tie-breaker this week.

Bruno and Kevin have talked and understand that they don’t have a realistic chance of saving Sindy. Even if they convinced Ika to stick with the Vets they’d still be outnumbered by four to three and I do expect the Newbies to hold together here.

At this point Bruno and Kevin are looking to draw in Jackie which isn’t a bad idea since she’s been sidelined as a perma-pawn, but they’re going to need to do better than that for a real shot at surviving much longer. Sure, all they need is to win the HoH and control the next round of noms, but the odds are against them there and even then they’ll need to win out on this one.

What do you think of their plan to evict Sindy over Jackie this week? Are the Vets going to be picked off until they’re all gone? So far there have been six evictions with four of them as Vets and this would make the fifth leaving just three behind to fend off six Newbs. Good luck with that, Vets.