Big Brother Canada 5: Vote Flip Or Flop For Dallas?

Dallas has been making some questionable moves over the past 24 hours on BBCAN5, but lucky for him he’s got some allies testing the waters for a vote flip. Will it work?

Demetres ponders vote flip on BBCAN5

Between calling a poorly executed house meeting and dumping out all the condiments it looked like a lock for Dallas to go, but then Ika started to work on Demetres that maybe that wasn’t their best move this week.

Last night Dallas came out of the DR holding a card and called everyone to the living room. Once there he started to spout off about Emily needing to go and Dre and William supposedly feeling pressured to keep Emily. That didn’t go over well. Big Brother was upset that Dallas had tried to use production to make the meeting seem official. Dre and William were upset for Dallas revealing private information. Flop.

Then overnight Dallas decided to dump out shampoos and the condiments throughout the kitchen. Oh, and did I mention the banging of pots and pans. Aww yeah, he did that too. So whether or not Dallas was trying to just put on a show or somehow influence the votes he managed to get Ika thinking.

Talking overnight, Ika told Dre she actually now wanted to keep Dallas, in part because of these hijinks. Dre figured it was too late and dismissed the idea. Ika apparently wasn’t dissuaded.

Again this morning Ika spoke with Dre and Jackie about the idea of keeping Dallas. Soon she took it to Demetres where he admitted trusting Dre and William more than Bruno and Kevin. No kidding. Ika suggested she didn’t trust most of the other Vets either.

Surprisingly Demetres seemed open to the idea of keeping Dallas in BBCAN5 and with Demetres as the tiebreaker, this would likely be critical for Ika’s plans. Deme suggested it was likely too late but then went to Cassandra and she was on board. Cass then talked with Ika and agreed they could get 5 votes but would need Gary as the 6th just to reach the tie.

Going over it again with Ika, Demetres told her he would be willing to break the vote and keep Dallas. Then soon after he told her it looked like they wouldn’t keep Dallas. Apparently Demetres couldn’t decide!

Before the Feeds cut to the Big Brother Canada eviction show rehearsal we saw Cassandra talking with Gary about keeping Dallas, an important conversation since they’d likely need his vote. Guess what? Gary was on board too. Oh my.

Now we’re waiting for the Feeds to return so we can find out the latest on in-house talks and Dallas’s chances of staying. I have to admit that Dallas staying is probably more entertaining for Feeds than Emily, but I’ll be shocked if a few Vets are willing to go against the others to keep Dallas. We shall see.

What do you think will happen? Can Dallas get the 6th votes and hold on to Demetres’s promise of a tiebreaker? What would you do if you were voting on BBCAN5 this week? Share your thoughts below!