Big Brother Canada 5 Spoilers: Week 3 Veto Plans

We’ve got our nominees for Week 3 of BBCAN5 and spoilers revealed who won the latest Power of Veto. Now it’s time to figure out what’s going to happen in Monday’s Veto meeting and who would end up being the target this round.

Big Brother Canada 5 HGs William and Cassandra

Big Brother Canada Nominations on Friday confirmed the new HoH’s plans to go after one of the Vet’s but nothing is a sure thing until that Veto is decided. With that out of the way there’s been plenty of talk on the Feeds over who would be heading home next.

Neda has Cassandra in the hot seat and unfortunately for Cass’s game on BBCAN5, she wasn’t able to pull off the Veto win last night. William has the win and it’ll be up to him whether or not to change Neda’s noms (Cass & Jackie). More bad news for Cass.

So far William is saying he doesn’t want to mess with the noms out of concern it could make him more of a target than he is now. The risk isn’t worth the reward of keeping Cass for his game.

Other than Cass working on William I haven’t seen talk of anyone else trying to convince him to make the move. Even Gary agreed with William that it’d be a dangerous move and that’s coming from one of Cass’s own allies. Gary has even already moved on to suggest William and he join up with five others (Dre, Ika, Demetres, Jackie, and Karen) to take on the other side. Cass is already gone in his mind.

We’ve still got the Veto meeting on Monday and then a few days to go after that before the eviction vote. Cassandra has time to pull something off, but we’d probably need to see a major shake up to make that happen.

What do you think of William’s choices? Should he save Cassandra or Jackie? Is his best bet to keep his head down and not shake the boat? Share your thoughts and get ready for the Veto meeting on Monday to give us our final Big Brother Canada nominees of the week.