Big Brother Canada 5 House Tour Photos

The new Big Brother Canada 5 house tour is here and the place looks amazing with the BBCAN5 house theme as a space odyssey with lots of sci-fi takeovers throughout.

BBCAN5 HoH room

We’ve now got a look throughout the house with space, space, space everywhere through the HoH room to the Diary room and beyond. Well, not the Have-Not room. That took a technological leap in the opposite direction.

Everything looks amazing and I’m thoroughly impressed with the design and build here. It appears really immersive and that’s just from these first photos. I can’t wait to see how it all looks once we get inside with the Big Brother Canada season premiere on Wednesday.

I’ll also be really interested to see how the Have-Not room goes over with these HGs. It’s a rib cage set of bones forcing lots of small spaces between the rows. It’ll also be hard to top the “half-not” idea, but this is pretty cool too.

Check out all the photos of the new Big Brother Canada 5 house and then get ready to start watching Wednesday night!

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Source: GlobalTV


  1. Saw this on “ET Canada” last night. No gorgeous house this time, it’s a space ship and actually pretty cool. They also showed what the first HoH comp will be, also pretty cool.

  2. This is the best design yet. Glad I’m not staying there though cos the design isn’t very conducive to sleeping. That of couse is good news for us the audience. Unlike some other BB’s where there was too much lying around.

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