Big Brother Canada 4: Vote Plans In Week 4

The final nominees are set for Big Brother Canada 4 as this week’s Houseguests on the Block face Thursday’s eviction vote where one of them will be going home. Right now, that vote looks set.

Kelsey & Jared relaxing on BBCAN4 Feeds
Kelsey & Jared relaxing on BBCAN4 Feeds – Source: Global

After some surprising shifts over the last few weeks this time around things have been pretty calm and quiet as the decision has been made for who will go home this week on BBCAN4 and no one seems to be fighting it.

Since Dallas didn’t use the Veto on Monday the choices remained for either Kelsey or Raul to be evicted and since the theme so far seems to be “Evict Women” there’s no real surprise here. Kelsey appears slated for elimination.

She’s effectively said her goodbyes with Jared and all is at peace. Their short-lived showmance won’t have the lasting power that we’ve seen from other seasons’ power couples, but it was really too soon to tell if these two could have been a comparable duo to those in the past.

All the same, Raul should be safe this week and have a shot at winning HoH on Thursday. I don’t see this being a close vote like we had last week with the 6-5 fun thanks to Tim. No one has been building a support team to keep Kelsey around and even she seems fully resigned to head on home.

We’re still two days out and someone could wedge a foot in their mouth in that time so we’ll keep an eye on things, but if the vote were held today it’d be Kelsey who was evicted.

Think that’s the right choice for the house this week? Who would you vote to evict from BBCAN4?


  1. What is with these people and getting rid of women. I mean I understand Kelsey is a threat but it’s funny how save all the guys are. As for Jared and Kelsey’s showmance, that’s clearly all it is in my opinion. They may have fun outside the house when BB is over but they will never be a couple. That is very clear! Kelsey’s just having fun with Jared, I think Jared likes her way more than she likes him. So now it will be interesting to see if Jared and Raul stay strong together or go their separate ways Plus, Kelsey leaving is the best thing for Jared in my opinion.

    • I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little confused as to why everybody seems to be focused on getting rid of Kelsey. I mean, sure, break up the showmance, but why go after Kelsey instead of Jared? Jared seems like a much bigger threat on his own…

      • My guess is because Kelsey is super close to Raul so if they get rid of Jared she’s still will have him whereas getting rid of Kelsey, chances are Jared and Raul can be broken apart.

          • really? I don’t know because I think Joel is a standup guy and would give Jared a chance to play for his life instead of back dooring him but, he would be the replacement NOM for sure if Kelsey or Raul got the veto.

        • I kinda want Raul to go.. Strategically, it might be better for most people to vote out Kelsey but DEAR MOTHER OF GOD I can’t stand Raul. If I had a soul, a piece of it would die everytime Raul talks.

          • really!? I haven’t seen or heard Raul do anything to make think negatively of him however I don’t watch the live feeds. Pretty much all the info I get is on here aside from obviously the episodes.

      • There is an interest for some of the housemates to reel Jared in to their side once T3W disbands.

        For players like the Nick and Philippe, that would mean being able to use him as a meat shield to hide the targets on their own backs.

        The thing with Kelsey is that there’s a strong likelihood for her to finally flourish in competitions if allowed to stay even longer, with the back-up of her showmance. The last thing the house needs is another back-to-back winning streak from a power duo ala Jillian and Emmet.

        Taking her out now would not only weaken the remaining 2/3 of her alliance but Raul and Jared will very likely go their separate ways as there’s nothing that would keep them together as strong allies.

    • I think this is more of a coincidence than an outright intent to take women out for the sake of it.

      Loveita nominated Kelsey and Paige on Week 1 with the intention of taking out Kelsey to prevent a showmance from once again dominating another BB season, with Page being used as a pawn. But forces didn’t go her way and the house took out the least threatening player instead.

      On her second go, Loveita made safer nominations in the hopes of working with Kelsey’s group long term. While she didn’t manage to get her target out for a second time, it wasn’t as game damaging as we would have all thought.

      When Jared became HOH, he put up Love and Sharry as payback for Loveita’s nominations the week before, splitting them up. Thus everything that has happened so far can be traced back to that first week.

  2. And I never found out what the drunken fight between Dallas and Kelsey was about??? What happened?? Who was involved??

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