Big Brother Canada 4: Vote Plans In Week 2

The Power of Veto Ceremony is over for the week on BBCAN4 which means we have the final noms and voting options for the HGs to start making their big choice.

Loveita talks with Maddy on BBCAN4
Loveita talks with Maddy on BBCAN4 – Source: Global

Earlier in the weekend one of the Big Brother Canada 4 nominees had decided the fight to stay wasn’t worth it and expressed a desire to be sent home. A quick whiff of reality has put that thought in check, but is it too late and will any of the Houseguests really have any sway in their decision?

Christine, this week’s Veto holder, decided against changing up the nominees so either Loveita or Sharry will be heading out in a few days. Loveita had said she was done playing and wanted Sharry to stay. Of course that backfired and had HGs wanting the broken-spirit player to stick around with Sharry being the main target. Now Loveita has changed her tune so will that get the HGs to want her gone afterall?

Earlier today Joel was talking with Phil when both agreed that having Loveita around would be good for having someone to target Jared and Kelsey for them. Ahh, early workings of cracks in that group.

Loveita gave a go at convincing Jared to support her staying, but he and Kelsey continue to push for her going when they talked to Phil, Joel, and Mitchell. However, those three remain unconvinced of sending out Loveita and want to consider their options before letting Jared know their plan. They know it wouldn’t be good to surprise Kelsey, Jared, and Raul with their votes.

Right now things are still undecided, but it sounds like there is currently more support for keeping Loveita over Sharry. We’ll see how things shift during the next few days.

Update: Well that didn’t take long. Sounds like the controlling party this week has decided it’s best for Sharry to go on Thursday night. Hard to tell yet if there will be more back and forth, but that’s promising for Loveita’s chances.

Next Big Brother Canada episode is on Wednesday, but we’ll be getting the Veto competition and ceremony that night. The vote will be live-not-live on Thursday’s show per the usual schedule so these nominees have some time to work on their chances.

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