Big Brother Canada 4 Spoilers: Week 8 Nomination Results

Nomination spoilers are in for Big Brother Canada 4 this week as the Houseguests have themselves a new Head of Household thanks to viewers making the downselect instead of letting the players just play the game. Ah well.

Big Brother Canada 4 Nomination Spoilers
Big Brother Canada 4 Nomination Spoilers – Source: Global

So the brothers were tasked with naming two other HGs to go on up on the Block and face possible eviction and at least the Veto competition. Who did they nominate? Read on for spoilers from the Feeds.

The whole thing was a mess today. One of the messiest nom processes I’ve seen in awhile as the brothers couldn’t make up their mind for more than a few minutes at a time as they jumped between Maddy/Ramsey and Jared/Kelsey over and over and over.

Big Brother Canada 4 – Week 8 Nominations:

  • Maddy
  • Ramsey

Phil and Nick told Maddy in their speech that the house didn’t much like her, she was the biggest physical competitor in the game, and that everyone loves Ramsey. At least that’s how she’s retelling it.

Veto comp is coming up on Saturday and this will be a big one for the week. If one of the noms get it then we could see something nuts. Who knows!

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  1. Just give Jared and Kelsey the game. Did the brothers not hear Mitch say he would vote for the one of the Prom couple if they made it to the finale?! Get it together! Jury is in full effect! Making big moves is important now as they are being judged by the jury and anything big will impact anyones game.

    • Well to be fair Maddy is a threat in her own merit. She’s intelligent, strong, and untrustworthy.

      • & Kelsey and Jared are not any stronger than some of the other alliances in the house. It’s a fair playing field now!

        • Agreed. While they are a strong duo, there are other strong alliances- the brothers themselves, Tim and Nikki, Tim and Cassandra, and in this case Ramsey and Maddy.

        • I agree! Why is everyone wanting to get Jared & Kelsey? Kelsey’s done nothing in this game…. She’s practically useless… Jared is a nice guy & perhaps a physical threat but he’s no brain guy!

    • Mitch said that but he was angry and the house knows that. So just because he said it doesn’t mean he’s going to do it first of all. In my opinion 🙂
      And now that Raul is gone, Kelsey and Jared are just a Twosome. They are not a big threat anymore. Ramsey and Maddie are just as big of a threat now. Same with the other alliances in the house. It’s a fair game now! (for lack of better words) LOL
      Plus there are still alliances in the house…..

        • I definitely agree with you, they played it safe but that was no surprise! They have been playing this way all season so they went with Maddie because the house doesn’t like her. And neither do I 🙂 I will be happy to see her leave however, they should have put up Jared and Tim or Jared and Kelsey or Jared and a pawn…. they were just nominating like they’ve been playing and that is useless.
          I honestly thought those two “boys” would have played much harder but I guess they just went along with how the house was voting and keeping themselves safe. Sitting back and watching!

    • I kinda understand Philippe and NIck’s predicament. If they get rid of Jared now, the brothers will be the next big male target of the house but at the same time, there’s always that underlying concern that Jared will make the first move against them the first chance he gets.

      However, and this is specifically for Phil, he doesn’t understand how big a deal it is if Jared is evicted by his own hand in the eyes of the jury. He and his brother would be getting brownie points if they reach the finale.

      Plus, they were until this point have never been in consideration for nomination due to their smooth relationship with most of the housemates, despite Nick winning two competitions and Phil sucking at everything else.

      • I agree. Jerrod and Tim should have been put on the block. Can’t stand Maddie and she needs to go but, Tim is a huge threat and no one in the house notices.

        • Yes, Jared, Kelsey & Phil were talking about how Tim needs to go cuz he is a huge threat! Last night on BBAD….

      • Oh Jared is big deal for sure. He’s a cry baby, but playing a decent game and a Jury vote already in his pocket. (if he gets to the end) His target should be flashing in the house.

    • I agree with all of you in a way. This is a complex game. But NOW is the time for the brothers to take the first hit instead of Jared going for them first. It will be an interesting veto comp for sure.

  2. WHO’S HAPPY….??????? CHRISTINA IS HAPPY!!!!!!!
    Although I do not like big brother production not letting Big Brother contestants play the game! It still worked out good in my opinion because Maddie is finally on the Block and hopefully going home!!! Yahoo!!!

    • I’m reading on FB and twitter that Maddy and Ramsay were doing the deed under the sheet. It would be why they cut the feed.

        • Now, I’m seeing rumors from earlier in the day, that Ramsay’s mother wrote to BBCan and said there’s a death in the family and Ramsay is needed at the funeral. Hamsterswatch (who’s always right) said he heard a conversation this morning between Maddy and Ramsay, where he said he is leaving tomorrow at 7H00. Might be why Maddy and Ramsay were saying goodbye under the sheet.

          • That’s really too bad. What a shock for Ramsey….. But this is a game. A death is real life…. Or a situation in real life.
            I couldn’t really find the exact word I wanted to use so I used situation…. Someone come up with a better word?

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