Big Brother Canada 4 Spoilers: Week 10 Veto Competition Results – Update: Ceremony Arriving Early

Power of Veto spoilers are in for this week on Big Brother Canada 4 as the nominees were looking to pull off a special scenario to force a big change in the HoH’s plans.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto
Big Brother Canada Power of Veto – Source: Global

So did the nominees pull off the win and reshape the way this week would turn out? Feeds were down for SEVEN hours for this one. Who knows. Read on for the BBCAN4 spoilers!

Well it won’t be Tim going to Jury this week, unless he doesn’t something Tim-ish and use his new Power of Veto on Cass instead.

Originally the trio alliance had talked about letting Joel win if possible, but from post-Veto talks it sounds like Tim became nervous that the brothers were working with Joel so he stepped up the game and took the PoV for himself.

There were of course heated moments after the comp as Phil, who else?, was offended and upset with Tim’s behavior following his win.

My knee jerk reaction is that Joel will go up and Cassandra could be voted out, but there’s another day of talk before any renoms and several more days after that before a vote.

What do you think Kelsey will do if/when Tim uses the Veto on himself? Any chance she’d turn on the brothers? That’d be crazy of her, right?

Update: Houseguests discovered a message of “PoV Ceremony Today” on the screen. That’s a day early. Hmm. Are we about to have a rapid fire week of events? Obviously that’ll mean down Feeds if it happens so I’m hoping against it.


    • Uummmm ya!!! Frickin’ frack!!!
      He better not win HOH next….. It’s got to be the bros next time, pleaseee!

      Oh Mary… How the hell did that happen? Just get rid of the Aussie!!! OMG!


  1. Joel is going up and most likely Cass is leaving. I really wanted Tim to go home, ugh that guy has 9 lives. Everytime he is suppose to leave he gets lucky.

    • I’ll be happy to see Cass go. She can laugh all the way out the door as she reflects on her stupid decision to save Tim when she won PoV. Hope the door hits her hard on the way out.

    • Down with the Aussie named Tim!!! I can’t believe he’s still here Cassandra the idiot saving him when the brothers put him up

      • What the hell is your prob? Im hating how bad they are making canadians look right now ./.. so sad what the brothers are saying… tim has every right to win just like everyone else… Brothers suck Tim and cass have played a great game … they both deserve to be final 2… brothers and kels SUCK

        • I don’t think the Bros are making Canadians look bad….
          Think of it as a patriotic move….
          Instead of them bashing the internationals
          (or as they are putting it Foreigners).

      • I know! That was so silly how the boyz nominating the Brit…. Should have been Cass & Tim…..nominated.

    • Tim’s a lock for 2nd place and he is okay with that. He loves it and there is no reason he shouldn’t. The fact that Kelsey can be evicted (sort of) and then given the second chance.. she is quite deserving of it. Yes Joel is a player but an awkward one at that.. he will win if it isn’t Kelsey.. I think the boyz days are numbered.

  2. I really wanted the noms to stay the same but if0 a nominee had to win I’m glad it was tim! I can’t wait to see Cass laugh her way out the door LOL

      • I doubt it very much. Pretty much everybody has mention as some point or another that they would prefer a canadian to win. I think Tim would get zero vote against anybody that is left.

        • I hope you’re right. This entire season has frustrated me beyond belief. So looking forward to BB U.S. it has to be better than BBC4.

          • With Grodner still showrunning BBUS, I doubt she’ll do anything to make American Big Brother feel a whole lot fresher than what it has been in the past few seasons.

          • Allison Grodner is one of the partner of the company that produce BBUS for CBS. Therefore she is one of the producer that is shaping how the show goes.

          • Nah.. unfortunately she isn’t growing anything but her waistline and her bank account.. BB US hasn’t been good for many years. They need to make some changes. At least BB Can is always coming up with new things each year to make it always different from the previous one.

          • You are kidding right? BB US hasn’t been “as good” as BB Can EVER and I would have to say this is the worst year of BBCan.. it still blows away at least half of the seasons of BB US.

        • Which is a very divisive reason for choosing a winner, especially if a Canadian is simply undeserving of a 1st place win.

          If Tim won’t win, I would rather Cass or Joel win over the brothers who made serious blunders these past few weeks for them to even be considered contenders for the crown. Kelsey still has time though to turn things around if she can make solid moves she can credit as her own, such as taking out Tim or the brothers.

          • I think she’d like to go to the end with the bros cuz then it should be an easy win!
            That’s my hoping…. & wishing.. & thinking!

          • I’m not saying it’s right (or wrong for that matter), just saying what I think might happen.

          • Having 2 players act as one might be part of the problem. Too many thoughts? Just a theory.

          • Watching these brothers play is like watching an RPG game. Phil is the douchey swordsman and NIck is his acolyte who always agrees with what Phil would say. But what they have in common is that they’re both shortsighted.

      • Well I tried looking it up online and couldn’t find out for sure either way. I think I remember reading somewhere that each houseguest gets a weekly stipend of $750. 2nd place $20 000 and grand prize we know for sure as $100 000 plus the brick and oxy clean add ons. I know grand prize winner forfeits weekly stipend earnings for sure I’m guessing second place does as well if I’m correct on the prize amount or maybe not maybe it is only $10 000 plus stipend earnings. Not sure if you have any contacts Matt that could either confirm or correct me but if you do that would be great

        • If you look on Wikipedia for BB Can 3, they confirm that Godfrey got 20k for runner-up. Sarah, last year also got 10K from Twistos (for a trip) and 25K from The Brick (furniture). This year it is the same, except for the 10K come from Oxyclean for a new wardrobe. I have never read anywhere that the 1st 2 have to forfeit there stipend. I know that in BBUS they don’t. It’s been discuss on the feeds by some of the contestants on many occasions.

      • The winner gets a hundred thousand and 2nd place gets twenty thousand Canadian Dollars, and its all tax free!
        Someone should tell the brothers that even if Tim wins he will be paid in Canadian Currency

        • Indeed. But in Tim’s case, he won’t have to pay taxes in Canada, but he might have to pay some in Australia depending on what the laws says there.

  3. Tim is the only one who deserves to win; the rest of them haven’t done anything.
    Can anyone tell what kind of a comp they had? At this point its usually something that is done one at a time and the fastest person wins; so it may not have been possible to let Joel win

    • It seems like one of those comps where you get to win a prize after getting eliminated but have the option to switch theirs with another one won by someone else.

      Just a guess based on feed conversation I’ve been reading on Twitter.

  4. It will take a Dan’s funeral for Cass to switch the target off her back and while I’m hoping she could pull it off in time for Monday’s ceremony, I expect the complete opposite to happen instead.

  5. Those boys need to go. Having said that the rest of the house is to blame for them being there because they had plenty of opportunities to get rid of them. I am losing interest in this game, partly as a result of BBC letting the brothers change their minds about nominating themselves (hey, if you are that stupid too bad I mean, if they had nominated someone else would BBC be asking….are you sure) and secondly because other than Tim (who is actually playing the game) no one else interests me. Kelsey is such a princess and liar…Cass is going anyway (but did get rid of Jared)….the brothers, Joel (whom I do actually like but hasn’t done much in the way of game play). But the big thing for me was the interference of BBC in the decision making at the veto competition. Never should have happened.

    • I like the bros…. They’re entertaining & even if they’ve ‘slid’ past others I don’t care.

      I don’t see how you think Kelsey is a princess. They are all liars at some point…. Pretty much the nature of the game to some extent.

      Cass didn’t single handedly get rid of Jared…… That’s why Kelsey voted for him as well. So the blood wasn’t on Cass’ hands.

      I don’t think BBC helped the boys change their mind but I do think it was merely clarification on BBC part & they were still chatting amongst the two of them when they were asked. Maybe that’s why they were asked ‘are you sure?!’

      The fact that they haven’t been voted out yet is prob becuz no one thinks of them as a threat. Why hasn’t Joel been voted out yet? Or Tim? Or the rest of them? It’s all a process of the correct elimination that works for each individual’s game.

  6. Yes!! Tim is easily the most deserving player and the blantant xenophobia against the international guests spewing out of the brothers mouths, amongst others, is disgusting and unbecoming (not to mention un-canadian) Too bad it looks like Cass will go though! She has also played well, annoying personality aside. Just no dummy “integrity” brothers and no entitled kelsey to win please <3

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