Big Brother Canada 4 Spoilers: Premiere Leaks & Cast Twist

Big Brother Canada 4 starts Wednesday, March 2nd but in BBCAN fashion the show was taped on Friday before a full audience leaving a lot of BBCAN4 spoilers out in the open.

Big Brother Canada 4 on Global
Big Brother Canada 4 – Source: Global

With fans in the audience the word was quick to spread back to Twitter with details on the entry order of the new cast of Houseguests, the design of the house, what sort of first HoH competition HGs faced, and… a casting twist that had brothers playing together.

@Hamsterwatch was on top of the spoilers and relaying them on with sources telling her lots of good info. House design is a hotel theme with the front of the stage showing “BBCAN Grand” while the Have-Not room is a Vegas wedding chapel. Full house reveal is coming on Monday morning.

HGs entered in groups, as usual, and if you’re still catching up on who is playing this season then take a look at the new Big Brother Canada cast for Season 4. Group one had Dallas, Loveita, Maddy Philippe, and Cassandra. Second group to enter was Joel, Kelsey, Jared, Raul, and Sharry. The last group was Ramsey, Paige, Christine, and Mitch.

More Big Brother Canada spoilers revealed the first Head of Household comp for BBCAN4 was called “One Night Stand” with a semi-endurance style like we’re used to seeing on the first round. Part of a spin on it had HGs voting who would most likely be out first and that went to Joel who could win complete immunity for the first week if he manages not to be the first out. Nice deal.

Now for the big one, the casting twist. Philippe has a brother, not a twin, and they’re now in the game together. This isn’t like BB17 with Liz and Julia as twins swapping out. Here everyone knows they are there together and in the house at the same time. They’ll trade off each week on comps and only count as one collective vote.

Pretty crazy stuff but while we learned all that from the spoilers, but we don’t know who won the first HoH comp. That’ll be revealed during the season premiere. We’re also waiting to discover which two former HGs from international Big Brother shows will join the cast as Wild Card players. That puts us up to 17 HGs for BBCAN4. Nice!

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