Big Brother Canada 4 – Nomination Anticipation In Week 9

A new Head of Household brings a fresh pair of nominations and after the HoH comp results were spoiled on the Feeds the allies gathered and got to work on picking the targets.

BBCAN4 nominations anticipation with the Short List
BBCAN4 nominations anticipation with the Short List – Source: Global

We’re getting very close to the end here and there’s less and less of an opportunity for a mistake in these choices. No time to play around. Best get to taking out your biggest threats and setting yourself up for the next round as best you can.

Cassandra is the new HoH thanks to her dad doing incredibly well in last night’s comp where he was only off by 20 of the 1,000 rocks. Wow! Now that puts her in the position to shift the game away from the brothers and Jelsey.

Cassandra is working closely with Tim and Joel just as she’s been doing for awhile now so it’s no surprise to see them putting their heads together to figure this out. Nikki, by extension of Tim, is also on this side of their line, but that line may get fuzzy.

Right now Cassandra is planning to put the brothers Phil and Nick up on the Block along with Nikki as her pawn. Cass’s plan B is a little surprising though as she discussed sending out Nikki if the brothers win the Veto. Or maybe not.

As the group’s talk continued their saw their chance to keep a stronger hold on the numbers by sending out Jared as a backup option instead of Nikki. No kidding! Sheesh.

So for now Nikki will go up as the pawn next to the brothers and we’ll have to see how the PoV comp goes. If I’m tracking things right then this week is Phil’s turn and that’s probably good for Cassandra as Nick has done better in the Veto comps with two past wins.

What do you think of Cassandra’s nomination plans? Should she go straight to Jared vs the brothers or is the use of a pawn the better approach?

Nominations will be made official later tonight and we’ll get the confirmation when it happens. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates to get the latest Big Brother Canada news.


  1. Production needs to get the Brothers out, so that they can have the next wildcard twist, to allow them to compete as individuals so that one of them can return back to the house after next week’s double eviction… This will also solve their Jury numbers issue, to so that they both have a vote, since Ramsay’s departure has left the Jury with an even number, for a potential tie vote ??

    • So you want Production to get the brothers out and allow one of them to compete as individuals? At this stage of the game? Production should stay away as far as they can and stop meddling and screwing up their games.

        • Production allowed for that snively winner last season and the season before so what will change this year nothing. They will get the one who Canada wants to win one way or another for their ratings, that is only the true game here. this game is rigged like so many reality shows on tv and if you don’t believe it you are naive.

  2. Jared as a replacement noninee seems like the better option but it all depends if he or Kelsey win Veto either way.

    • Why would Cass put Tim up? She’ll be vulnerable and her side of the house will be crushed by Jelsey and the brothers.

      She won’t let him go just yet.

        • Cass is a sneaky one…… She’s almost twisted! I hate that Jared & Kelsey are no better off than Cass & Tim or even (before) Maddie & Ramsey. Come on….. Maddie & Ramsey WERE the power couple. Kelsey is just there to cuddle with Jared. Jared can’t focus most of the time cuz he’s eyes are always on Kelsey. She’s won nothing & has continuously been out on slop.
          Why does everyone want her out? Seriously?
          Cass needs to put up bros & Nikki & hope like hell Jared or Kelsey win veto. If they don’t Cass needs to put up Tim & get rid of one of the wild cards.
          Why does everyone think Jared is the golden boy?
          This week is going to be either really really good or extremely lame!
          I think it will determine if the show loses audience members or not.
          It’s not suppose to be about production changing the rules as the game is played! Shame shame on them!

          • I see I’m not the only one who has a lot to say LOL I hope you have talk to type?! LOL

      • Cass won’t win against Tim…. That’s why! But she must know that Nikki wants to see her gone. Right?

        • Tim and Cass are using each other. She will cut Tim when the timingbis right. But her main concern is taking out either the brothers or jared.

          • you think she won’t go to the end with Tim? I really have no idea personally. But I thought she would. And I think she would have a good chance beating him in the end because I truly hope the jury wants a Canadian to win plus Tim already won big brother Australia. Who do you think Tim would take to the end? Aside from Nikki LOL everyone probably wants to take her to the end. But then some stupid people playing this game (other seasons) have gone with “honour or integrity or whatever they want to call it” and choose NOT to take the easy way out! I guess I can see where they’re coming from but at the same time and lots of people have lost doing this! Isn’t the whole point of The game, to win?? LOL Who cares who you take to the end! In my opinion

    • Sorry Mary but Cassandra’s working with Tim….. there is no way he is going home while she is HOH however this week is a double evection so there’s still hope for you LOL I think he’s a hoot! I guess he’s just one of those types of personalities that you love or hate.

        • Still think so? Lol hey I agree they haven’t done much but they haven’t had to all season and now when push comes to shove they pull it out and could end up winning the game! again they’ve never really had to play so why would they bother?! When it’s important they do when it’s not important they don’t. IMO šŸ™‚
          Super super disappointed with big brother production this season! Clearly a fake reality TV show thrown right in our faces.

        • Do you still feel this way? The way I see it is the brothers didn’t play hard or really try and win anything because they didn’t need to get blood on their hands. They just sat back and when they finally needed to actually play, they played and played hard! And won! They’ve done well in my opinion! Sure they look like idiots for the better part of the game but now they are winning everything they need to.

  3. I said it last season for BB 17, and I will reiterate. I HATE PAWNS! If you want someone out, you NOMINATE THEIR A** AND GET. THEM. OUT. OF. YOUR. HOUSE! These hgs’ are STUPID! None of them have the BALLS to go after Jelsey! It’s only talks of “oh, maybe it’s a good idea…” BRUH -_- look at the past three seasons. AT LEAST one half of a showmance made it to the final three. The statistics are not on these hgs’ side. *sigh* I feel like the die-hard fans are the only ones that truly know how to maneuver this game…

    • You speak like they’re the only ‘couple’ in the house….
      Maddie & Ramsey were a stronger couple but becuz of Maddie not as well liked ppl don’t seem to talk about them, only her & its mostly nasty talk. Tim & Cass they are a ‘couple’ so why aren’t they targeted? Tim has the best social game right now & Cass would be a threat to me cuz she’s playing the whole house.
      I can agree that Jared may win things but what has Kelsey done? Nada! So really, how strong are they? Or are you just jealous?
      Everyone buzzes about Jelsey…… Now that to me….. is boring!

      • I completely agree! Kelsey and Jared are no stronger than anyone else in the house. Well yeah of course Jared wins comps but to put Jared and the brothers on the block together only makes two separate sides of the house angry with Cassandra! this is the best thing she can do for her game right now. Why rock the boat with her relationships with Kelsey and Jared if she doesn’t have to……?!?!? she just needs to hope the brothers don’t win Veto!!!

  4. from a game perspective Cassandra putting up a pawn is a much smarter idea, that way she doesn’t have two groups against her. Just one! And she just needs to help the brothers do not win the veto!!
    Sure we would have like to see the brothers and Jared or the brothers and Kelsey up on the block against each other but it is a smarter move that Cassandra sticks with a pawn and ask is though she still working with Jelsey (heehee…. Took a while for someone to come up with a name LOL)

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