Big Brother Canada 4: Eviction Prediction In Week 4

Who will be evicted tonight on Big Brother Canada 4? Good question. With this “Fake Double Eviction” looming and few details from Global it’s tough to even try to make a guess, but let’s do it anyway.

Joel and his dog on Big Brother Canada
Joel and his dog on Big Brother Canada – Source: Global

Now if things were a normal week and there was just one eviction vote then that’d be easy. Kelsey and Raul are up on the Block with the votes pretty much decided with the house unaware of what’s ahead tonight.

Right now Kelsey is on the losing side of that BBCAN4 vote with enough of the guys looking forward to getting Jared back from showmance-land and ready to play on their side of the house divide, or at least that’s their hope. So when it comes to the first eviction vote, Raul should be on the winning side of the count.

Of course with a “fake double eviction” the vote count could be a moot point. Maybe the first vote is real and either Kelsey or Raul will be out of the game or maybe it’s fake and neither of them will be eliminated. So what’s the double part for? Will the second vote be the real one? I give up. No clues here.

We’ll be back here at 8PM ET to watch it play out with our live coverage of the not-so-live show. Since tonight’s Big Brother Canada episode will be taped in advance you can find the spoilers on Twitter, but I’m going to avoid that one and just let the chaos wash over me. There are few surprises with Big Brother and even fewer with BBCAN, so I’ll take them where I can.