Big Brother Canada 4: Campaigning Continues In Week 2

Eviction is one night away and the two nominees aren’t waiting to see what happens with Thursday’s Big Brother Canada show where one of them will be sent packing.

Loveita campaigns to Raul on BBCAN4
Loveita campaigns to Raul on BBCAN4 – Source: Global

On the Feeds we’ve seen both nominees working to secure votes again today but one of them is putting in more efforts and whether or not that’s the cause, we’re seeing continued traction to keep her around.

While Loveita was the initial target that plan changed days ago to evict Sharry and really hasn’t gone away since, but not everyone was really on board with the idea. Jared was still advocating for Loveita to go because he was worried she would retaliate over her nomination, but eventually even he has caved on the idea.

There’s currently enough votes to overwhelmingly keep Loveita and evict Sharry.

Both ladies have been working to stay in the house but Loveita does seem to be putting in the extra work and while she’s likely safer than she knew, others are taking advantage of that to make some deals of their own.

An interesting situation is going on with Wild Cards Tim and Nikki. Big Brother announced they would be participating in the voting even though both were immune to nominations this week. They had agreed to cancel out each other’s votes but Tim has since gone back on that idea suggesting they could even just flip a coin and vote together. Nikki isn’t convinced.

By the end of Thursday I’m fully expecting Sharry to be the second evicted Houseguest of Big Brother Canada. That leaves the big mystery for who ends up in control next. Jared, Kelsey, and Raul could end up top picks for the next round of nominations if there’s a power shift, but no one should feel too safe and that’s just the way we like it.

The next eviction show is Thursday at 8PM ET/PT where we’ll see who is voted out and hopefully who wins the next Head of Household competition to set us up for Week 3 of Big Brother Canada 4.