Big Brother Canada 3 Premiere Recap & Results

The new season of Big Brother Canada 3 kicks off now with the premiere episode and the introduction of a cast of sixteen new Houseguests as we catch up on what’s been going on since they went inside.

Arisa Cox in the Big Brother Canada 3 house
Arisa Cox in the Big Brother Canada 3 house – Source: Global

Host Arisa Cox returns as our guide to the third season of BBCAN and kicks off the show tonight where we’ll meet the cast and get the first results of who went up on the chopping block with the initial nominations.

Twists are sure to arrive this season as well but details have been closely kept on just what to expect. Let’s see what we discover on tonight’s Big Brother Canada premiere.

Trying to watch from outside of Canada? We’ll be viewing the episodes through who has kindly offered up free streaming of all the episodes during both the ET and PT broadcasts.

Arisa tells us the viewers will have a lot of control this season and it’s a little overwhelming with all the things they’re throwing at us. Last season’s war room is now a vault where big moves will happen. Then there’s the Have Not room which will offer up a huge twist that could flip the house and we see a safe rise up out of the floor. Nice.

We’re getting the cast intros with the backgrounds and their strategy to win it all. Lots of interesting folks here with some pretty hefty egos to go with them. Be sure to check out all the pics and bios of the BBCAN3 cast here.

First group of six HGs head in and discover the house is empty. They have to earn everything this season and will start with nothing, but they don’t have those details yet. Now it’s time for the second and third group of intros.

With everyone inside they’re doing the intros and “S”indy is already bugging me and apparently some of the HGs. She’s sure to tell everyone that her name is spelled with an S, not a C, because you know, the HGs will be doing a lot of writing this season…

Arisa announces to the HGs that all their personal belongings are locked up in the vault and they’ll have to work hard to get them back. That includes the first twist of the season as Arisa reveals everyone is the Head of Household and will each nominate two HGs for eviction. The two HGs with the most noms go up on the block.


  • Ashleigh noms: Risha & Bruno
  • Bobby noms: Bruno & Sarah
  • Brittnee noms: Risha & Sindy
  • Bruno noms: Bobby & Pilar
  • Godfrey noms: Bobby & Pilar
  • Graig noms: Sindy & Pilar
  • Johnny noms: Neeha & Sindy
  • Jordan: Sindy & Risha
  • Kevin noms: Bruno & Risha
  • Neeha noms: Sindy & Godfrey
  • Pilar noms: Zach & Bruno
  • Risha noms: Ashleigh & Sindy
  • Sarah noms: Kevin & Zach
  • Sindy noms: Risha & Pilar
  • Willow noms: Sarah & Sindy
  • Zach noms: Godfrey & Sindy

Houseguests going up on the block are Sindy & Risha. Names are picked to play with them in the Power of Veto competition. Risha picks Bobby & Kevin. Sindy picks Zach & Neeha.

Power of Veto competition:
Players have to put together a V-shaped puzzle while traversing a playing field that’s a big cargo net. Once they get the puzzle assembled they’ll have to go back and unlock the safe to get their Veto emblem and complete the challenge.

The guys are dominating the challenge as Sindy is complaining and Risha is worn out and struggling.

Kevin is the first to finish the main part of the puzzle and heads off to the combo. There are 3 digits in the spinner so he knows he can sort through them patiently. Now Sindy joins in the combo search and he’s speeding up his game but it isn’t fast enough.

Sindy unlocks her safe first and wins the Power of Veto.

Power of Veto ceremony:
Arisa tells Sindy if she uses the Veto she will have to name the renom. Sindy uses the PoV to take herself off the block and renoms Pilar. Wow, these ladies are not looking out for each other.

As far as getting their stuff back, it won’t happen tonight and they’ll be sleeping on the floor for the first night.

Arisa reveals viewers will be voting to evict either Risha or Pilar. The HGs will not be voting. We get to decide who will be the first evicted HG of the season. Get over to the site and vote now. We find out the results on Wednesday’s live show.

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