Big Brother Canada 3 House Tour [PICS]

The new Big Brother Canada 3 house is gorgeous with a steampunk theme throughout the remodeled BBCAN home for the new season set to premiere on Monday, March 23, 2015.

Big Brother Canada 3 House preview
Big Brother Canada 3 House tour – Source: Global

Unlike last season where production had to completely rebuild in a new location from the first season this is the same house again just with a whole new look. I love it. They’ve once again raised the bar for Big Brother US with a very creative design.

There is a lot of metal which can be cold and heavy, but with so many bright colors overlaying the design I’m thinking most places will be okay. Though that kitchen does feel a bit dark. We’ll just have to see.

Flip through the gallery of images below and get ready for the premiere of Big Brother Canada 3 on Monday, March 23rd on Global. We’ll be looking for reliable ways to watch BBCAN from the US so be sure to check with us again for those details.

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