Big Brother Canada 3: Evicted Houseguest Competition Gallery

The first five evicted Houseguests of Big Brother Canada 3 battled it out last night on BBCAN3 in what was billed as an “epic” and “never before seen” challenge. Well, it was hanging on a stationary rope, so it’s kinda hard to get too excited, but hey, the stakes were certainly high.

Arisa Cox hosts Big Brother Canada
Arisa Cox hosts Big Brother Canada – Source: Global

A chance to get back in to the house involved a rope and a series of knots. Each of the five Houseguests started on the top knot and had to work their way down over time, a la Survivor. The HGs could stand or sit on the rope, but the latter wasn’t a great option for everyone as Graig soon learned.

The competition came down to Naeha and Sindy before a slip sent Naeha packing and Sindy back in to the house. Oh we were so close. Ah well.

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Source: Global