Big Brother Canada 2: Week 9 Nominations Episode Tonight

Big Brother Canada 2 is on Slice tonight at 9PM ET/PT when we’ll get the results from Thursday’s cliffhanger HoH competition and the latest round of nominations.

Big Brother Canada on Slice
Big Brother Canada on Slice

After Rachelle’s unsurprising eviction the remaining HGs fought for the chance to be safe and name the next round of nominations thanks to the power of Head of Household. While just one Gremlin remained as the seemingly obvious target there are other plans going on behind the scenes of the Sloppies’ alliance.

If you can’t wait until tonight to find out who won the HoH physical comp or who went up on the block then check our Big Brother Canada spoilers board for all the latest results and updates.

We’re getting down to the wire here on the Big Brother Canada 2 season and one of these five HGs will win it all. Who is your favorite pick to make it to the end?

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