Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 9 Nominations

Big Brother Canada 2 nominations
Big Brother Canada 2 nominations – Source: Slice

The Big Brother Canada spoilers from the latest Nomination Ceremony were revealed today after the Feeds returned so we now know who is officially up on the block and how the house is reacting to those choices. Read on to find out what’s going on in the Big Brother Canada 2 house.

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Jon is the new Head of Household and he’s got a plan that could shake up the house and his alliance.

Big Brother Canada – Week 9 Nominations:

  • Heather
  • Sabrina

Sabrina would be the assumed target, but she’s not. This week Sabrina is the pawn, not Heather, and when the votes are cast we’re likely to see the bubbly blonde heading to Jury. Jeda like their chances better with Adel and Sabrina still in the game and aiming at each other instead of them. So with that, Heather will need the Veto win to stay safe this week.

The Veto competition should be coming up soon so we’ll get a much better idea of what the final noms could end up being before the Ceremony on Monday.

Do you think Jon made the right picks for his noms? Did he really have any other options? Share your thoughts!


  1. jon made an amazing choice, he saw how close neda and her were getting and convinced neda that heather needs to go now. hes playing this game too not just neda

      • Matthew why are my comments not posting? Twice I have posted a comment and they haven’t posted.

        • I’m not sure. I found one of your comments in the filter (something triggered it in the comment) and approved it, but there weren’t multiple comments in there. Maybe the comments just aren’t showing up right away, but I’m sure they’re there.

    • But them keeping Sabrina could screw them over. Sabrina is a game player and I would think that she knows how much of a threat Jeda are together.

        • Sabrina was a game player, but she was way too close to Rachelle to make moves. Because wherever she was, Rachelle was as well.
          It’s kind of like other showmances in previous seasons. For example, McCrae was lost when he got too close to Amanda (and it showed further when he got Elissa out right after Amanda’s elimination).

          • I really would not consider Sabrina a game player, unless her game play is to cry and not win any competitions. She doesn’t have much strategy either.

          • Just because she doesn’t win competitions doesn’t mean she didn’t try to make sure her alliance wasn’t on the right track

          • But “try” to make sure her alliance was on track compared to it actually being on track are two very different things. Neda and Jon have been together since the beginning and their alliance has been on track since the very beginning.

          • She succeeded on manipulating Sarah, and succeeded again on manipulating Rachelle to take out Ika.
            It doesn’t help that production threw no bones at the first five.

          • I don’t think she manipulated Sarah, Kenny had her wrapped around her finger but she definitely manipulated Rachelle.

            BB is evolving. Twistos Twists is this season’s theme all of the twists happened as they happened. The First Five’s demise was their own fault they had two of the most disliked people and Canada didn’t want to see them win.

    • Personally i think that no matter which one (Jon or Neda) is sitting in F2 that they can beat whoever is there beside them. The only excitement might come from them sitting there together. It’s not that the other 3 (Sabrina, Adel and Heather) haven’t done anything. But not nearly as much as those 2. I think they realize that NOT taking each other is the smartest move. But they want someone else to pull the trigger. Wish they would realize that doing it theirself would be a feather in their cap. I would suspect that Neda would be capable of ousting Jon before he did her. It would be unexpected if NEITHER one makes F2.

    • Neda actually told Jon that putting Heather up and getting her out was a good idea she just backtracked to make it seem to Jon that it was entirely his idea so Neda could still get Heather’s jury vote because there wouldn’t be as much blood on her hands.

  2. I hope and prey the Adel wins POV so he can take off Heather and the Neda will go up and then Adel and Heather can get Neda out of this HOUSE

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