Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Veto Plans For Week 9

Heather heats things up on Big Brother Canada
Heather heats things up on Big Brother Canada -Source: Slice

Big Brother Canada HouseGuests face another Power of Veto Ceremony today and after keeping an eye on the Live Feed we know just what to expect from this final five.

After what must have been a very wild and extremely lengthy Big Brother PoV competition Heather emerged as the winner and secured her safety in an otherwise very dangerous week for her.

At today’s PoV meeting she will most definitely use the Veto and force Jon, the current HoH, to name a renom to replace her. Jon has just two choices: Neda and Adel. His pick is obvious and Adel will go up on the block to sit beside Sabrina for Thursday’s eviction on Big Brother Canada.

The craziest outcome for the whole Veto scenario would have been for Adel to win the Veto, save Heather, and force a Neda renom leaving Adel and Heather to take their pick. Of course that can’t happen now and Neda is lucky it can’t.

When it comes to Thursday’s eviction I’m mostly expecting Sabrina to go, but there’s been some serious talk between Heather and Neda on who they should keep. We could end up with a surprise Adel eviction, but let’s wait and see what happens over the next three days.

Are you glad Heather is going to be safe and Adel is put in the hot seat this week on Big Brother Canada?