Big Brother Canada 2: Nomination Anticipation In Week 10 – Update

Sabrina on Big Brother Canada
Sabrina on Big Brother Canada – Source: Slice

The final round of Big Brother Canada nominations are nearly upon us. We’ve got a new Head of Household for the last week and she’ll have to put two of the remaining HouseGuests right up on the block. Let’s take a look at what could happen ahead of the next, early eviction.

Sabrina shocked her fellow HGs when she won Head of Household last night and beat out Neda and Heather to secure a spot in the Final Three. She’ll have to pick from Jon, Neda, and Heather for her two nominees.

Last night Sabrina started to talk strategy with Neda and Heather over who should go up on the block. Sabrina argued the choice did make a difference. Neda tried explaining to Sabrina that it really didn’t matter and here’s why.

Four HGs are left. One is safe as HoH, that’s Sabrina. Three HGs are available for eviction. Two go up on the block. So wouldn’t that third person be safe? No, of course not because the Veto is still out there. Who ever wins the Veto can either take themselves off the block if they’re up there or leave them alone if they’re not on the block. There’s no other option.

All the power this week sits with the Veto holder. That person will be the only one of the three not on the block and as such they’ll be the sole vote.

HoH this week guarantees you a seat in the F3 while the Veto not only assures you a seat there too but also lets pick who is the third HG to join you at the finale. That’s a LOT of power.

Okay, one caveat: HoH wins Veto. Then they can shuffle around their noms but can not vote. The HoH + Veto can then decide who does the voting so they can indirectly control that outcome.

All the same, I’d expect Jon to go up on the block for sure. Then Sabrina will have to pick between the girls for the other. Just don’t sweat the choice, Sabrina. It really doesn’t matter.

Nominations will be revealed Saturday morning on the Feeds. Then the Veto comp will be held later that afternoon. We should know the results before things go dark on Sunday morning.

Update: Noms have been picked! Jon was a definite but Heather and Neda just did Rock Paper Scissors best out of three to decide which of them would go up.

First round: Neda – Paper; Heather – Rock; point to Neda
Second round: Neda – Paper; Heather – Rock; point to Neda

Hah! Neda wins 2-0 and Heather will be the second nominee next to Jon. Jon thinks it’s hysterical, but really wanted Neda up next to him so she couldn’t vote out him if Sabrina won the Veto and kept noms the same.

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