Big Brother Canada 2: Jon Twistos His Way Inside Confinement

Jon hides in his Big Brother Canada fort
Jon hides in his Big Brother Canada fort – Source: Slice

In exchange for getting a family visit Jon was banished to the HoH room for 24 hours. Meanwhile Neda had a confinement of her own with a branded onesie for a week, Sabrina is on slop, Heather has to stay out of the HoH, and Adel must remain awake for 36 hours. Yikes.

So while everyone else was enjoying freedom Jon was enjoying the hardships of sitting around in the HoH suite and relaxing. It’s a tough life some days.

To help kill time Jon, who must still wear his baby outfit, built himself a little bed fort and then branded it with Twisto snacks all around it. A nice take on the heavy product placement we’ve been seeing in the series.

Check out the pics from Jon’s time in confinement. He’ll be back out mid-day on Tuesday so it’s not that long and he’s enjoying meals along the way so he’s not really suffering. Well, unless you consider missing out on quality Sabrina time to be suffering. No? Well okay.

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