Big Brother Canada 2: Ika Shreds HouseGuests’ Hopes

Yesterday in the Big Brother Canada house the Feeds were cut off for a long time and when they came back we found out Ika had taken revenge on the rest of the house.

Big Brother Canada HG Ika
Big Brother Canada HG Ika – Source: Slice

Since we weren’t able to see the events on the Feeds we had to go by what HGs discussed after they returned. It appears Ika had the choice to share letters from home with all the other HGs or shred those letters and take $5,000 in cash. Guess what she did…

Yep, she took the cash, of course. Considering she’s getting backdoored this week it’s no surprise that Ika would be looking to get back at her fellow Big Brother Canada 2 housemates. But even if she was on good terms, could you really fault her for taking five THOUSAND dollars over letters for others?

It also seems that Ika was watched by the other HGs as she put their letters through the shredder so there was no chance of her hiding what had been done. Ouch.

What would you have done if you were in Ika’s position? If she had opt’d to give the other HGs their letters do you think it would have been enough to turn the tide and keep her in the house at Thursday’s eviction?