Big Brother Canada 2: Eviction Prediction – Week 6

We’ve got an exciting Big Brother Canada show ahead of us tonight on Slice and while there’s no way to reliably predict who is walking out the door for both spots of the Double Eviction there’s little doubt who will go first.

Kenny on Big Brother Canada 2
Kenny on Big Brother Canada 2 – Source: Slice

Her fate has been set since Kenny’s win in the Power of Veto competition and later tonight it will be official. Read on to learn whether it’s Allison or Sarah set to go on tonight’s BBCAN2.

The loose end misfit HouseGuests came together to form a powerful group this week which gives them control over the vote. Sarah’s once strong First Five Alliance is on the ropes and is about to take another hit tonight when she’s voted out by the Sloppy Seconds Alliance.

It’s surprising how quickly the FF fell apart after Canada took control of the house and shook it until everything not screwed down flew out. But just as quickly as the Sloppies took control I imagine we’ll see several more big shifts before the season is over. How long before Arlie flips again or an underdog wins power? Probably not long.

No better night for a big shift to happen then with a Double Eviction. Tonight we’ll get a full week’s turn of events all in one show so get ready for some wild fun. If the Forsakens (Kenny, Rachelle, & Sabrina) regain control then I’d expect Jon or Arlie to take the hit. Should Sloppies keep the power in their grips then Kenny is the big move for them. This is going to be awesome!

So who do you think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother Canada 2? The show is taping this afternoon, but will air at 9PM ET/PT on Slice. We’ll be back here doing a live blog recap at 9PM ET so join us for the spoilers on who goes home and who becomes the next Head of Household!