Big Brother Canada 2: Eviction Prediction – Week 2

HGs relax in the living room

Tonight on Big Brother Canada, the second HG of the season will be evicted when the final two nominees face the votes of their fellow Houseguests.

Last night’s episode left TV-only viewers hanging on just who would be up for eviction, so if you’re staying away from the Big Brother Canada spoilers then read no further fans! Otherwise, carry on to find out who will be evicted tonight on Big Brother Canada.

Those of us following along online and watching the BBCAN Live Feeds already know that Kenny won the Veto, saved Neda, and Andrew renom’d Kyle. Uh oh for Kyle.

Yep, Kyle is the new target and unless something crazy happens today then he’ll be voted out of the house tonight leaving Paul to whine around for awhile longer.

We’re pretty sure that’s a smart move, but I wouldn’t stop at Kyle. The guys better move on to targeting Adel next since he’s Paul’s other ally and could surprise everyone with a big win to come back at them.

Who do you think will be evicted and in a separate question, who do you think should be evicted tonight on BBCAN2? Join us back here tonight at 9PM ET for a live blog recap of the eviction results plus we’ll find out which of the three secret HGs enters the game!