Big Brother Canada 2: Watch Episode 16 – Power of Veto

Allison checks for onlookers
Allison makes a surprising discovery on Big Brother Canada – Source: Slice

Last night’s Big Brother Canada was Power of Veto crazy with not one, but two PoV’s delivered in to the hands of HGs. First was weekly Power of Veto competition “Yukon Gold” that took twenty minutes for players to spell a word. Then we had the scavenger hunt that revealed a secret room that turned out to be familiar to viewers: the War Room!

Check out last night’s episode of Big Brother Canada 2 and then get ready for Thursday night’s wild Double Eviction show.

You can watch Big Brother Canada episode 16 right now on, but if you’re outside Canada you’ll first need to visit using a Chrome or Firefox browser. Install the free add-on then go over to and let Hola unblock the site by picking the little Canadian flag.

Here’s the direct link to watch BBCAN2 episode 16 online at Slice.

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  1. It’s been a while since I’ve seen such awesome features in side the BB House.
    I’m also digging the crimson power of Veto. I wonder if Allison can keep it outside the house if she doesn’t use it.

    • Well I like how everyone is sexing up the Veto’s color. I’ve heard “scarlet Veto” and you’ve got “crimson Veto.” Heck, I was just calling it “red.” Maybe I’ll use “blood Veto” instead. 🙂

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