Big Brother Canada 2: Can The Gremlins Flip The House?

Arlie is going to have a rough week
Arlie is having a rough week on Big Brother Canada – Source: Slice

Big Brother Canada has been having some awesome fun days on the Feeds this week with a lot of action that I didn’t think they’d pull off after a predictable turn of events starting on Thursday and running through Saturday. Since then though, it’s all mixed up and things might just keep getting better. Better for us, not all the HGs.

If you want to avoid spoilers talk from the Live Feeds then skip the rest and wait for Wednesday’s Big Brother show. Otherwise, let’s keep going.

Starting at the Veto Ceremony on Monday things went crazy when Jon put in to action a plan to backdoor Arlie after Neda and Heather convinced him this was the best idea. Of course that was after Allison put some hard work in on Neda and Heather to get the ball rolling. After Arlie was renom’d Allison pulled a shocker by using her Red Veto and removing the other Gremlin (Rachelle and Sabrina’s alliance), Sabrina, from the block. Jon put up Adel in her place as a pawn. Do I need to keep going? We all know what happens to pawns!

Now the Gremlins are down to two members and working hard to retake control. All they need are three votes this week with just five HGs heading to the Diary Room on Thursday night. (Can you believe we’re down to just five votes?!) Rachelle and Sabrina need just one more HG to flip over, vote against Adel, and save Arlie to join their side. Guess who?

If Allison makes this move, and I can’t help but think she will, then she’ll one of four HGs competing for HoH on Thursday night. On the other side? The Sloppies will have just Heather and Neda fighting for them as Jon is the outgoing HoH and can’t participate. Wow.

Now Heather has won an HoH before and Neda could probably surprise us, but the numbers would be stacked against them. Then again, we’ve seen the numbers fail to live up to their odds-potential when it comes to HoH comps so this is no guarantee.

What do you think of this crazy plan? Should Allison flip, save Arlie, and help form a four-person Gremlins team? Or should she stick with the Sloppies, vote out Arlie, and be the low man on the totem pole just waiting to be knocked out next? Exactly.


  1. Adel is leaving 🙁
    I wanted Arlie to leave so badly I cant even stand him. All I gotta do is pray that Heather or Neda wins the next HOH.

    • He’s not on my favorites list either. His so called “poem” yesterday only caused me to dislike him even more. He thinks he’s funny – i most certainly do not. I will give credit where credit is due though. Hes managed to keep himself safe. And i think Allison will make a smart move and evict Adel. A couple of HGs have compared Arlie to Dr Will and Dan. Ummmm…not even close. That’s blasphemy in my book 🙂

      • lol @ who ever says hes like Dr will or Dan… did they even watch those seasons?! Lol… arlie reminds me of “peter” from season one BBCanada

        • I’ve heard Sabrina and Neda make the comparison. With others agreeing. I think they ALL are a bit delusional.

      • She might but she recently talked to Adel about him being 100% safe and they were talking about what to do next week but we’ll see. Keeping Arlie would be better for her in the long run but she might not realize as of yet. Haha, no one can compare to Dr Will or Dan!! They obviously haven’t watched the seasons they were on!

  2. I thought Jon taking out Arlie is the biggest move of the season It looks like Alisson/Gremlins saving Arlie will be the biggest move of the season.

    • What I like is the season is turn out to be very good, and there’s not much manipulation from BB. A few twist but nothing that give us the feeling they are manipulating the game.

    • I think Allison will be making a big mistake if she keeps Arlie. She is just flipping back and forth and she’s on the bottom know matter what alliance she chooses. Arlie is a strong player that needs to go and if she flips and Arlie wins HOH she’ll be going up. And what can Sabrina do? She can’t win anything. She’d be smart not to piss anymore people off.

  3. Take out Adel is the best move (for all of them). Adel started as an outcast, but after that, he has been great in the social game. Go with him to the F2 means second place! Jon, Neda and Heatler will be at the bottom, but this season proves that anything can happen

  4. So, the original target was one of the gremlins
    Then it was to backdoor Allison
    Then it was to backdoor Arlie
    Now it’s to vote out Adel, who was first considered a pawn?
    Really crazy week in the house.

  5. Yes, please! Allison flipping would help her game out so much! She wouldn’t be at the bottom of the Sloppy Seconds alliance (if it even exists anymore) because even if she votes to keep Adel, she’s next. This is her chance and I hope she takes it! Plus, I love watching Arlie in the BB house hahaha 🙂

        • In the veto comp he used it so Allison couldn’t play and he played instead. Allison was very ticked off at him for it because she was going to be backdoored. But the Sloppies decided to backdoor Arlie instead. So really he used it for nothing.

          • that makes sense, i was wondering why he didn’t use it but now i understand lol, thanks for that :), and i never watch the feeds anymore so ill have to wait and watch the show

        • oh ok that makes more sense, i haven’t watched the feeds in a while, so i guess ill have to wait and watch the show..

  6. Keeping Arlie is bad for Allison. He will win HOH next week and it will be double eviction giving him the upper hand, and he will send home John and Allison. He can’t be trusted as he already prooved.

    • We don’t know what Arlie would do, things change hourly in the house so if Allison were to save him keeping his word for at least a week seems more plausible than backstabbing her right away. Although, he went against the First 5 (it was in his best interest to) he stayed faithful to Jon and their Goofy Troop alliance yet Jon went against him. And either way, Allison may be screwed seeing as she’s at the bottom of the Sloppy Second’s alliance and seems to be even more of a target than the Gremlins. We’ll see what happens soon enough 🙂

    • Indeed, getting Arlie out seem to be the “best” move Allison could do, especially if Jon already gave his blessing to get him out and offers Allison at least a week off from nomination if any of the Sloppies win HOH this Thursday.

      But as latifah pointed out, Allison will need to fight for her life again as she will never get out of the red as long as she’s considered disposable by the rest of the house.

      Arlie is a clear threat an getting him out now is better than later, especially that they’re all courting for each other’s jury votes.

      Plus, I want to see the look on his face upon getting backdoored as he’s been thinking all-season that he had this game figured out for him to win. And yeah, his DR sessions are beyond annoying at this point.

    • We know Arlie is athletic and all, but what if it’s an endurance competition? Arlie has no chance, and the win can go to Allison or Rachelle.

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