Big Brother Canada 12: The Standing Curse Explained

Big Brother Canada 12 Cast

This is just a post for fun and not to be taken seriously.

Big Brother Canada and Big Brother US have a few curses that fans take seriously. The most well-known is the First-In-Curse. If you are the first player to enter the house, then the odds of you winning the game are terrible. Big Brother Canada doesn’t have as many superstitions surrounding it, at least not to the degree of the US edition. However, a new curse has emerged in the Big Brother Canada 12 house.

It’s one that seemingly has controlled the game. Fortunately for any potential future Big Brother Canada players, this curse should only affect this season. It’s the Standing Curse. 

According to folklore, if you’re standing on the official Big Brother Canada 12 photo, you’re going home. Every single player that was standing in the picture (shown above) has left the game. With Avery’s potential eviction this week, she completes the prophecy.  If you’re standing on the BBCAN12 photo, you’re not winning the season. Additionally, everyone standing is also everyone in the first row of the image, which might be the true curse because Kayla isn’t standing, but she’s in the top row.

Avery briefly broke the curse by winning the last couple of Head of Household Competitions. However, now that she’s eligible for eviction, the curse starts again.


Hamsterwatch was the first person to point out the Standing Curse. However, the houseguests have now even noticed it as well. On Tuesday 4/23/24 Digitial Daily, the houseguests discussed the fact that everyone in the top row had left the game. By the end of Wednesday, only the bottom-row players remain. This ends the curse and makes  it a genuine curse because, well, look at the evidence.


If Big Brother Canada does another photo like this one, we shall see if the Standing Curse follows another cast. If you are on that cast, be warned, don’t stand in it. Fight to take a photo sitting down. It could spare your game.

What do you think of the Standing Curse on Big Brother Canada 12?

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