Big Brother Canada 12 Spoilers: Week 8 HOH Results

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With only seven Big Brother Canada 12 houseguests remaining, the odds favor someone who hasn’t won Head of Household winning it. Additionally, half of the remaining seven players have not won a HOH. Tola, Todd, Lexus, and Bayleigh have not won a Head of Household. Victoria and Avery have both won two Head of Household Competitions. Victoria only won her second because Bayleigh gave it to her during the Movie Night Massacre. Anthony won the first Head of Household. He claims to be throwing competitions. 

As outgoing HOH, Avery is ineligible to play in this Head of Household Competition. Victoria and Anthony will probably avoid winning because it could expose their games. Therefore, you should automatically assume that this week’s Head of Household winner will be someone who hasn’t won it. Lexus, Tola, Todd, and Bayleigh have all performed well in competitions, and Lexus, Tola, and Bayleigh have all won previous competitions. 

Going into this Big Brother Canada 12 Head of Household competition, we expected a first-time Head of Household reign. The sides are pretty even, with Todd in the middle, so it would depend on whether Anthony or Victoria’s side won.  This could determine whose side gained the upper hand this week.

BBCAN12 Week 8 Head of Household Results

  • Tola won the Head of Household!

It seemed inevitable that Tola would win a Head of Household. His win makes the decision to evict Kayla last week even more questionable for the Bayleigh, Avery, and Victoria fraction of the Big Brother Canada 12 house.  His competition beast era may be on the way. We’ll have to see if they immediately face the consequences of their actions if Tola takes one of them out this week.

Big Brother Canada 12 Spoilers-Tola and Todd celebrate Tola's HOH Win

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