Big Brother Canada 12 Spoilers: Executive Veto Preview

Big Brother Canada 12 Spoilers

Last Wednesday, Arisa Cox teased the Executive Veto entering the game. We got no further information. However, Tuesday’s episode showed a sneak peek of it. We saw Tola walking into a room with a smashed glass. This cryptic scene starts off the April 1 and April 2 Digital Dailies posted on April 3rd. Tola discovers the broken glass and begins to search for the Executive Veto.

We don’t see him find it on the Digital Dailies. He then tells Victoria about it. He also told Anthony. Eventually, Avery and Bayleigh walk into the room and discover it’s missing. The whole house learns of the missing Executive Veto. However, no one confesses to having it. The Digital Dailies end with everyone dressed up in the Head of Household room.

Arisa comes on the screen and tells them to come downstairs. They take their seats at a table. The Executive Veto is about to come into play. The Digitial Dailies end before we see what happens but we can speculate on its power.

Big Brother Canada 12-Executive Veto

It’s likely a secret veto where someone can change nominations in some form. The Executive Veto seemingly played out yesterday in the Big Brother Canada 12 house. This must mean it has to be used this week. I think it could also cancel out this week’s eviction.

The house seemed suspicious that Vivek won it. We have no proof or confirmation of any winner, but I can’t imagine anyone but Tola, Matt, or Todd using it. Victoria may also use it just for chaotic purposes and maybe to evict Matt. The fact that they had a whole ceremony about it, makes me believe that someone will use it. I doubt anyone would want to cancel the eviction completely.

Therefore, my guess would be it has the power to change nominations. If true, there is no telling who will use this secret power and who they plan to nominate. Tonight’s eviction just got more interesting. 

Big Brother Canada 12-Executive Veto

Join us tonight to see how the Big Brother Canada Executive Veto changes the week. Also, join us to see whether anyone leaves the house this week, and if that person is either Todd or Tola. Add us on Facebook or X (formerly known as Twitter) for everything BBCAN12.