Big Brother Canada 12 Predictions: Who Will Go Home In Week 1?

It’s the first Big Brother Canada 12 eviction of the season. Tonight the first player will leave the game..or will they? Because there are only 14 houseguests and the season ends in May, I am almost sure there will be at least one returning player at some point. This eviction could be the start of a pre-jury battle back.

The producers could also wait until after the jury starts to offer the jury players the chance to return to the game. Big Brother Canada likes triple evictions and things of that nature, fourteen houseguests make it harder to end the show in May and still have a variety of eviction styles. Therefore, if Janine or Avery are your favorite houseguest, don’t worry about their game’s future just yet. They could return to it.

Based on all the Digital Dailies from this week, the houseguests have not wavered on their eviction decision. Once the Power of Veto Competition happened, they made their decision. Janine needed Dinis to use the Veto to save her. However, Janine and Avery didn’t fight hard (or really at all) to get him to use the Veto to save them.

They both accepted their roles as the target and the pawn. Janine started the game playing a bit hard, so it’s surprising that she just let her game end. Of course, she may not have been able to save it with the house so set in their decision, but you never know. Sometimes a last-minute Hail Mary can change the game.

However, nothing on the Digital Dailies has shown Janine fighting hard to stay in the house. On the other hand, Avery also isn’t doing much fighting. She’s confident that she will stay. I don’t expect anything exciting to happen during the eviction. Instead, everyone should vote out Janine, but Vivek may give her a sympathy vote. He has promised her his vote for it not to be a unanimous vote against her. Others may follow his example, but she will still likely have the majority of the votes. 

Do you think Janine will be evicted tonight? Also, do you think she will have a chance to return to the BBCAN12 game?

Make sure to tune in tonight at 9:30/8:30 CST for the first Big Brother Canada 12 eviction. 

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