Big Brother Canada 12: Power of Veto Week 1 Ceremony Plans

Big Brother Canada 11-Janine

The Big Brother Canada 12 Digital Dailies from March 10 (posted on March 11) revealed much about the upcoming Power of Veto Ceremony. It started before the Power of Veto Competition played out, but eventually got to the day’s juice: who won it, and his or her plan for the Veto. Head of Household Anthony nominated Avery and Janine this week intending to evict Janine.

He just needed to ensure that she didn’t win the Veto. A puzzle showdown set Janine and Avery against Dinis, Matt, and Tola. Tola is probably the last person anyone wanted in the Power of Veto Competition because of his huge target. Eliminating him as a nominee possibility would hurt Avery or Janine’s chances of coming off the block. Luckily for them, Tola performed terribly in the Power of Veto Competition.

Dinis won it. This made him the focus for Avery and Janine. We saw on the premiere night episode that Avery and Dinis made a loose alliance about protecting each other as two of the three queer houseguests. However, their alliance doesn’t seem that strong yet. It was more of an agreement than a concrete plan. Therefore, Dinis could use the Veto to save Avery to stick with their deal. However, their alliance didn’t seem strong enough for him to feel obligated to save her.

Big Brother Canada 12-dinis and Avery

However, if he did save Avery, this move would make Anthony put up another nominee and could create bad blood between the men. Dinis has seemingly been playing a quiet game this week. Staying in the background and not making any waves. The Veto would force him to take a stand. He ended up talking to Avery and Janine about his Veto plans.

He told Avery that he would save her if he used the Veto. Janine suspected this as well. However, Dinis decided he didn’t want to use the Veto. But, he only told them this because he wanted to use this power to gain information from the other houseguests. He thought using it could paint a target on his back.

Avery and Janine also didn’t push for him to use the Veto on them. Janine seems to have accepted her fate as this week’s evictee. While Avery seems confident she will be fine.

Dinis will not use the Veto this week, but we’ll have to wait for tomorrow’s Digitial Dailies to confirm his decision.

Big Brother Canada Dinis and JAnine

Should Dinis use the Veto to save Avery or Janine this week? Let us know in the comment section.

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