Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers: The Houseguests Who Likely Made The Final Three Are…

Big Brother Canada 11-final four

It’s unclear whether we’re officially done with the Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Dailies. The May 5 Digital Dailies ended with Claudia, Anika, Ty, and Daniel learning that eviction would play out right now for the houseguests. This meant that a vote needed to be cast to send the fourth-place finisher to the BBCAN11 hotel to wait for the jury roundtable. 

Like last week, Big Brother Canada probably will wait until the next day of Digital Dailies (on Monday) to announce on their social media accounts when we can expect the next one or if they’re completely over for Big Brother Canada 11. Either way, we got enough information on the potentially last Digital Daily to know who was likely making the BBCAN11 final three and who would be voted out. 

We mentioned in yesterday’s spoiler pieces who would likely be evicted and who likely made the final three. However, we wanted to explain more about it. 

Ty has the Head of Household title, so he has made it into the final three, and now Claudia has won the Veto, also securing her spot into the final three. This means that Claudia has the second most important vote of the season. Ty and she spoke about who she would evict this week. She told him that she planned to vote out Anika.

She isn’t worried about facing off against Daniel in the final three HOH rounds, because she believes that Ty will win the physical round and she can win the puzzle/memory round. Additionally, Claudia knows that Daniel is a superfan so it would mean more to him to make it to the final three than it would to Anika.

Claudia and Ty didn’t discuss this on the recent Digital Daily, but Claudia has spoken before about having a better relationship with Daniel than Anika. She probably sees more of a possibility of him taking her to the final two than she does with Anika. Ty likely believes the same which is why he was also okay with sending Anika to the jury. 

Most likely, Anika was evicted on Friday. This leaves Daniel, Claudia, and Ty as the final three to fight it out on finale night. Because it is still uncertain if the Digital Dailies are done for the season, it’s unclear if we’ll get answers before Wednesday’s episode to confirm Anika’s eviction. Additionally, if the Digital Dailies are done, we won’t find out who won part 1 and part 2 of the final Head of Household until Thursday’s finale.

If the Digitial Dailies do decide to return on Monday, I am confident that at least part one of the final Head of Household will have played out, so we may know who won on Monday and maybe part two on Wednesday or Thursday if they continue to be posted until the final day. 

If this is the last real spoiler-y update until finale night, don’t worry because we have plenty of fun content planned leading up to the finale and after it, including the annual look back at the final three Big Brother Canada players’ games. 

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