Watch Big Brother Canada Episode 18 (VIDEO)

Big Brother Canada episode 17

Big Brother Canada last night featured the Head of Household competition conclusion along with the nominations ceremony. It was a busy night for those HGs and you’ll want to be caught up before the rest of the week’s craziness.

Find out who won the HoH competition “Iceberg Alley” and then who that HoH put on the chopping block of possible eviction on Thursday night. We’ve got the full episode below.

Are you happy with how the competition turned out? There’s more in store for these nominees as they’ll have the chance to save themselves from eviction thanks to the Power of Veto. You can watch that play out on Wednesday night’s show or you can jump ahead and check our spoilers page for the latest.


  1. What tbe h did the shield do nothng. Peter sat around and just watched won no challenges and is in a alliacne with a cry baby now who is sulking


    • I agree with dmae. Why everyone says Peter is brilliant is beyond me. He, more than anyone, has ridden the coattails of everyone else in the house. He does not deserve to win. Hope he goes this week. Alec is no better. Poor Topaz trusting him again and he shows no loyalty to her at all. Jillian made a brilliant move. Look after your own, Jillian. You go, Girl!!

      • I agree, they really haven’t done anything. Basically, people got evicted and they took credit for it when really every hoh had their target and went for that person.

  2. i’m glad jIllain—-(not sure if i spelled her name right) won!! I’m just scare because its a double elimination!!! 🙁

  3. Jillian has gone back on her word every single time she has given it! She is a liar and I hope there is a BB twist and she and Emmett are sent packing!! Topaz could have absolutely had this HOH.

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