Tonight On Big Brother Canada 5: Eviction & Next HoH

Tonight on Big Brother Canada 5 we’ll settle in for the next eviction and the arrival at a Final Four with just one week left in the season ahead of the finale event next Thursday at 7/6c on Global.

Big Brother Canada 5 Space Odyssey

Make sure you note that next week’s finale is arriving an hour early, but tonight’s episode will be at its usual time of 8/7c for the one-hour “live” not-live eviction show with just two votes and the chance of a tie-breaker. But that won’t happen.

After Kevin saved Ika he sent Dillon to the Block in hopes of insuring Demetres was voted out. Well that’s about to backfire. Yep, Kevin though Karen would vote to keep Dillon and he’d get to break the tie in Dillon’s favor, but not so fast. Karen has confirmed her plans to evict Dillon and move on to the F4 with Demika instead. Yikes.

Kevin is sure to go up on the Block this round, but it doesn’t matter since the F4 Veto is the real power position this last round. Get ready for the fun as we coast to the finish line of Big Brother Canada.

Who do you want to see evicted tonight and who do you want to take control? Share your picks below.

BBCAN5 is tonight on Global at 8/7c. Find out how to watch online from the US.


    • No.
      Final 3 everyone plays, the first person who wins HOH goes on to final round and plays with the winner of the second round, the winner of that round decides who to take to the finals. That is how it use to be done unless they are going to change it. The person who wins this veto decides who goes home.

  1. The idiot deserves to get tossed out. He’s played the game before. He should know this stuff never, ever works.

  2. Karen is an idiot! She floated her way to final four and is voting out her BFF just to spite Kevin!
    A floater is ruining a real players game! But I guess that’s the game of big brother, sadly!
    I don’t think what Kevin did was wrong, if you kept them both on the block Ika was going home so he rolled the dice, I just think he should have put up Karen because I don’t think Dillon would have turned his back on her
    The decision to not put up Karen still confuses me because it was clear to him she had it out for Kevin so, I think that was his only bad move.

    • This is so true I don’t think Kevin realizes Karen’s hate for him has blinded her judgment!

      • It’s exactly like Kevin said on tonight’s episode, why would she not try and win the game!? Dillon and/or Karen could have pulled out some wins and been in the F2 .
        Her hate for “Kevin Martin” clearly was way higher than her love/friendship for Dillon & her wanting to win the game.
        Why is she even there if she didn’t even want to try and win! Stupid! Waste of space floater!

        • Say what you want about Karen but NOW that Kevin has won his way to F3 she is going to F2 with either Kevin or Deme. So she guaranteed her F2 spot and has been planting seeds about how she wants the jury to see her. It wont work but she has been trying.

          • She never looked at it that way. She is even talking about self evicting now so, I totally stand by my statement. Especially after this. Don’t you agree?

    • Demetres is Karen’s BFF not Dillon they haven’t talked much all week. you casuals don’t know anything. And a floater ruined Ika and demes game by using the trash veto on Kevin. the only reason kevin is in there is because of a floater so don’t complain about floaters ruining games. And being a floater isn’t even a bad thing it’s a way to get to the end and it works. No it’s not the best if you want to win but it’s still a strategy that works. And really. Kevin’s only bad move this game was putting up Dillon. Um no that’s on the list of many many many bad moves. In fact he hasn’t made a single good move

      • Yes, you are correct. I am a “casual!” I have a life. (Not trying to sound like a biatch to you at all, because it’s true, I don’t watch the live feeds 24/7 so I don’t know everything!) But I appreciate you filling me in 🙂

      • & PS. You are correct, there’s nothing wrong with being a floater. If you don’t need to get blood on your hands and can just float your way to the end then good for them!
        I just wouldn’t want a floater to win the game is all.
        & for the record, I think Demitries should win, even if it is Demitries & Kevin in F2 (which would never happen but just saying!)

    • oh and please don’t call Kevin a real player I almost threw up when i read that Kevin is one of the worst players of all time. Winning comps doesn’t make you good at all. It’s what he does with those wins and he hasn’t been able to do anything

      • LOL
        OK, I heard you the first time. You don’t agree with me, you “think” Kevin is a terrible player! Super!
        I don’t care Sweetie. 🙂
        We can agree to disagree,
        Like I said, “to each their own!”
        And it’s a game, I don’t take it seriously and I certainly don’t ever feel like throwing up if I read that someone doesn’t like Kevin or other HGs that I like or I read something I completely disagree with. LOL I have a life, and it doesn’t revolve around Big Brother.
        This is simply entertainment for me! I’m not going to be upset if Kevin gets sent home next (which is highly likely!)
        & just for the record (so hopefully you will relax) I I think Demetri deserves to win. Even over Kevin if they were F2. (which is HIIGHLY unlikely, pretty much impossible)
        That’s all!

  3. The only person I do not want to see in the final 2 chair is Karen anyone else I will be happy if they win.

  4. Karen you blew it with Canada. Some friend you are. I hope your not allowed back in future BBC’s. Sorry it cool Karen! ?

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