Tonight On Big Brother Canada 4: Fake Double Eviction & 90-Minute Special Episode In Week 4

Big Brother Canada is doing something new tonight as they roll out a “fake double eviction” as part of a 90-minute long episode starting at 8PM ET/PT on Global. What’s a Fake DE? Who knows and Global sure isn’t telling.

Arisa Cox in the Big Brother Canada 3 house
Arisa Cox in the Big Brother Canada house – Source: Global

I’ve heard of fake evictions on international versions of Big Brother, but I’ve never seen any play out so maybe there are some clues on what to expect. For now, I’m left with guessing which I’ll happily do in the absence of details. Thanks, Global.

What I expect is we’ll get the first round of voting just like normal and when that happens we should be prepared to say goodbye to Kelsey. Some of the guys know they can peel off Jared and even Raul for themselves so getting rid of Kelsey instead of Raul is an easy choice for them. I don’t think her eviction is part of the “fake” element here.

Next round of events though is probably going to be a tease as Houseguests may get rushed through an HoH comp, nominations, and another eviction vote. Now maybe that eviction vote will result in the player leaving the house temporarily or maybe they’ll get stopped at the door. Dunno. Nothing but guessing on my part.

Global says they’ll reveal how all of this works during tonight’s show which is pretty late in the game to be explaining it as it happens, but oh well. Either way, we’ll be here for the 1.5 hours of fun and if you can stand more then there’s a special Side Show set to follow to round out the two hours of Big Brother Canada. Ready?

What do you think will happen with a “Fake Double Eviction”? Those were my guesses. What are yours? Share your thoughts and expectations below and let’s see what we can come up with here.


  1. If it’s like the internationnal version , the second evicted HG will be sequestered for a while and then will come back as an HOH

    • Or return with some sort of power like getting access to live feeds for a limited period while still hidden inside the house.

      • Yeah, that’s what I’m expecting with the temporary departure. If they hadn’t undone the secret war room I’d say there’s where they’d go. I guess they could still end up in the High Rollers room while it’s locked up.

        • from a game prospective it just doesn’t seem fair to the person who gets HOH tonight. If the person they evicted comes back with HOH it just is a complete slap in the face of whoever initially won the HOH. Know what I mean? If it happens to Dallas then I’ll be happy but someone liked Tim…. it will completely blew up his game and everything he’s done up until tonight will be useless. But I guess this will make some of the wildcards stop sitting around and start playing the game. I’m just torn, clearly!! LOL I will be happy about it if the right person gets HOH tonight and that person being Loveita or Dallas. Dallas is so cocky and arrogant so if it happens to him I will be very happy!

    • so in the end whoever wins HOH tonight is completely screwed!? And the person they nominated and booted will come back with powers?! Hey, for entertainment purposes I’m excited however if someone like Jared gets HOH or Tim I will feel bad for them. from my game perspective it just doesn’t seem fair in my opinion. But expect the unexpected right!

      • Just found on the net the way it will work tonight. Both HGs evicted tonight are going to be sequestered in a room together where they will be able to watch the house on live feeds, for the next week. Next week, one of the 2 will come back in the house. Not clear yet as the way it will be decided which one will come back.

        • oh, interesting! Don’t quite understand that because the two noms Will go into sequester for a week, that will just confuse the whole house.
          oh wait, I reread what you said so what you’re saying is Kelsey if evicted tonight and The fake double evection houseguest will be in sequester together? Interesting. But yeah, how do they decide who comes back?

          • LOL …. I said “IF” which it was pretty clear it was going to be her. You’re funny!!!

          • I knew that 🙂 I knew you were kidding! But I did still say ‘if’ ha ha I read what was on here and it was clear Kelsey was going home.
            now the question is how is Kelsey or L getting back in? A comp? Viewer votes?
            and it’s driving me crazy because what was L about to tell Kelsey when they ended the episode last night? And why did Maddie want to back door Loveita? I don’t understand it! More jealousy on Maddie’s part? Does she want to be the only chick left in the house? LOL insecure much! She said it was because Loveita lied to her twice, do you know what those lies were? Or just excuses? The Dallas was clearly pissed off and as much as I don’t like him, I completely understand why. L was working with them and they could’ve got rid of Jared easily so it just doesn’t make much sense to me but I’m happy with it 🙂
            PS. I added you to Facebook well I mean I added you as a friend to my Facebook account LOL

          • I’m having lots of question similar to yours. I have no idea why Maddy went after Loveita. Dallas know Jared is his biggest threat, and he thought it was a great chance to get him out.

            Did you find the interview with Christine from last week ? I haven’t got any notice from FB.

          • I don’t know if it’s true, maybe it happened on After Dark or on the Feeds, I don’t watch either of them.

          • no because you haven’t added me yet. Or I mean excepted me. Maybe I’ll try again. Stupid Facebook

  2. I’m so upset bc the way you explained it is exactly how I think it should happen but BBCAN’s IG posted a picture of Raul and Kelsey with “who do you want to get fake evicted?” !!!!!!!!!!!!! What?!

  3. I think that the house will choose to evict Kelsey but I think it will be fake and also another houstguest will be evicted and it will be fake as well. Im hoping both Kelsey and Jared get fake evicted and both act as an HOH when they re-enter the house and get rid of Dallas!

    • if Kelsey is saved that would be good! And I think BB production might do that because Kelsey is one of the more exciting for lack of better words player. She’s playing the game at least and she’s getting into arguments with people so big brother might have that in their back pocket to save someone they don’t want gone yet for ratings. Make sense? Just for the fact that I can’t stand Dallas because he’s arrogant and obnoxious, I think it would be so entertaining and funny and just such a slap in the face to his arrogance. But we shall see!

  4. so BB, and international BB did a fake evection before? So what has been done before! How did that one work?
    as far is this fake double of action tonight, as a fan of the show and for entertainment purposes ( especially if someone like Dallas gets HOH) I like it however from a game perspective I find it could be unfair because if someone like Tim or The brothers or even Nikki gets HOH then it’s going to blow their game up. Sort of unfair you know what I mean?? but again if someone like Dallas or Maddie or Loveta get it then I will be happy. If Raul or Jared get it, I will feel bad for them because if Jared wins i get it then I will be happy. If Raul or Jared get it, I will feel bad for them only because Kelsey will clearly be walking out the door tonight and then say Jared gets it he’s going to clearly go after Dallas and then in the end it’s fake so Dallas is just gonna laugh in his face. Just doesn’t seem very nice LOL from my game perspective and their pride.

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