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Big Brother Canada Premieres Tonight On Slice

| February 27, 2013 at 2:42 PM EDT

Big Brother Canada

It’s finally here! Big Brother Canada premieres tonight on Slice when the cameras go live and we go inside to meet the 15 Houseguests will soon grow to love or loathe.

We’ve met the Houseguests, toured the house, and even caught some exclusive looks only available here on Big Brother Network’s Canada site. Now the real fun will begin as the show debuts.

Of course, just like in the US Big Brother the hamsters have been squirreled away for awhile now in the game so production has some content ready for tonight’s show. There may be whispers of drama and even romance already forming though we’ll have to wait and see which HGs are on the receiving end of each of those.

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EXCLUSIVE: Big Brother Canada FOTH

| February 22, 2013 at 3:00 PM EDT

Big Brother Canada fans are clearly extremely intelligent and very good looking. I know this because they keep sending us awesome anonymous tips like this one. Here is your first look at the BBCA Front of the House (FOTH) along with host Arisa Cox.

Big Brother Canada FOTH

We’ve seen the inside of the house thanks to the ET Canada tour video, but that view started as we came in the front door. Now we know what the live audience and evicted houseguests will be seeing as they exit the game.

Great design, Big Brother Canada team. I’m liking what you’re doing. Keep it up!

Got a tip you want to send us? We never reveal a source so no worries.

Huge thanks to our anonymous tipster for the awesome photo!


Big Brother Canada House Location Revealed

| February 22, 2013 at 1:50 PM EDT

Big Brother Canada house location

We’ve seen the inside of the new Big Brother Canada house, but now we know even more. Thanks to an anonymous tipster we’ve pinpointed the location of the BBCA set and are sure where the new cast of Canadian hamsters are about to be tucked away.

Hidden in plain sight is a large office building that’s been gutted and retrofitted to hold the fifteen new houseguests all through this debut season of Big Brother. Want to see it yourself? You’ll have to head over to 5101 Orbitor Drive, Mississauga, ON L4W, Canada

Since the “backyard” had to be constructed entirely indoors and use a sophisticated light system to help trick the hamsters in to thinking there’s a day and night ecosystem it was tricky to confirm this as the right spot. Usually a big backyard in the satellite image takes care of that, but this time we had to go on a good ol’ fashioned investigation to confirm.

Thanks to the awesome reader for sending over these Big Brother Canada details!


Big Brother Canada House Tour – Video

| February 22, 2013 at 11:41 AM EDT

Big Brother Canada house

The Big Brother Canada house has been revealed! ET Canada took the tour last night and we’ve got the video to share. Thankfully Yahoo made the video available in the US while Slice still has it blocked on their site. It’s going to be a long season of that for the US viewers, but we’ll do our best to work around it.

Watching the video tour (check it out below) reminds me a lot of the Big Brother US house but since it’s brand new there are some awesome design features that I’m really enjoying. I’m guessing the new Big Brother cast is going to be pretty excited too.

There are 64 cameras and 50 microphones throughout the BBCA house and these cameras look a good bit less bulky than what we’re using to seeing out in Burbank. I especially like the camera on the vertical rail. Snazzy.

One huge mistake I saw in this house design was the bedroom. Yes, singular. There are seven beds in one room with no divides. So say goodbye to all the backroom whispering as people drop in and out. No chance of cliques forming based on living quarters and so forth. Very disappointed in that, but maybe they’ll prove me wrong.

Oh, and for the perv-cam enthusiasts, there are two well light showers with frosted glass across the middle of the doors. You can hope for some tall ladies or really short guys, depending on your preference.

Check out the video below and leave your thoughts on the new Big Brother house.

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Big Brother Canada Cast – Houseguests Revealed

| February 20, 2013 at 1:17 PM EDT

Big Brother Canada

Here they are, your Big Brother Canada houseguests finally revealed for the debut season of BBCA! There are 15 houseguests and things look extremely diversified with some really interesting HGs scattered throughout. Check out the cast list below and see who gives you the initial impression of being the winner of Big Brother Canada.

Big Brother Canada will premiere on Wednesday, February 27th at 9PM on Slice. Best of all, there will be free Live Feeds for all (for all Canadians, that is)!

Alec Beall - Big Brother CanadaName: Alec Beall
Age: 26
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Occupation: Social Psychological Research/Doctoral Student
Do you have a strategy going into the house?
I don’t want to be perceived as a threat – I want to fly under the radar – but that’s just not me. So, who knows? I want to find one person that I’ll be entirely loyal to, probably one of the dumb people in the house because they’re more bound by loyalty and honour – creative and intelligent people can’t be trusted.

Andrew Monaghan - Big Brother CanadaName: Andrew Monaghan
Age: 38
Hometown: Halifax, NS (originally from Corner Brook, NL)
Occupation: Insurance Sales Trainer
Do you have a strategy going into the house?
My strategy is not to have a strategy. I don’t know these people so having a strategy before going into the house is only setting myself up to fail. What if I meet the woman of my dreams in there? Then I want her, not the money! I’m just going to be myself and play a good social game.

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