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Watch Big Brother Canada Episode 08 (VIDEO)

| March 15, 2013 at 10:03 AM EDT

Big Brother Canada Memory Wall - Week 3

Last night on Big Brother Canada the latest eviction was held along with a whirlwind “Power Shift” twist and a new Head of Household. Things definitely didn’t end up like we were expecting, but that’s all part of the fun, right?

In case you missed it, episode 8 is available here for your geography-restrictions free viewing pleasure.

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Big Brother Canada: Week 3 Eviction & HoH Results

| March 14, 2013 at 10:06 PM EDT

Big Brother Canada

There is a LOT going on tonight on Big Brother Canada as we’re about to find out what’s going on with this “Power Shift” twist, which HGs become the final noms, who gets evicted, and which HG becomes the next Head of Household.

I’ll be live blogging all the results as they happen during tonight’s show. Before we get to any of the fun stuff we’re treated to the flashbacks of Suzette’s meltdown, Tom & Gary’s deal, and Tom’s eventual PoV win before using it and changing up his noms. Come on, Big Brother, let’s get to the good stuff already!

In the build up to tonight’s “live” content we’re seeing a lot of Tom targeting Andrew for elimination. Why? Well, um, because, um, because Tom wants him gone. The other guys aren’t thrilled, but they aren’t HoH this week and given this crazy twist Tom just might get his chance to make that happen. Great. We’re going to keep AJ and lose Andrew, arent’ we? Well done, Big Brother Canada production.

Finally the host is revealing to the HGs the details of “Power Shift” and immediately goes to the results of who will be saved by Canada.

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Big Brother Canada: Week 3 Eviction Show Tonight

| March 14, 2013 at 7:25 PM EDT

Big Brother Canada & host Arisa Cox

We’re getting ready for the latest eviction of the Big Brother Canada season when the “live” show reveals who will be voted out by the other HGs.

Earlier in the week we were fully expecting a Suzette eviction, but now with this whole “Power Shift” twist that let viewers vote to save either Suzette or AJ we’re thinking that whole plan has been sunk.

As for what’s going to happen is anyone’s guess. The HGs will suddenly be faced with a whole new decisions and if we’ve learned something from Big Brother in the past it’s that rapid fire decisions are not always the wisest ones made by HGs.

Check back in here tonight as we live recap the Big Brother Canada results for what happens with the twist, who gets evicted, and who becomes the next Head of Household! It all airs tonight on Slice at 9PM ET/PT.


Watch Big Brother Canada Episode 07 (VIDEO)

| March 14, 2013 at 1:46 PM EDT

Big Brother Canada episode 7

We’ve got the latest Big Brother Canada episode right here with no geographic restrictions if you’re ready to watch Wednesday’s Power of Veto episode. Tom, the current HoH, had nominated Gary and Suzette which meant the pressure was on for them to win the Veto and save themselves from potential eviction. Watch the episode in the video below and see how it turned out.

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Big Brother Canada Twist: Power Shift Delivers Second Veto

| March 14, 2013 at 10:15 AM EDT

Big Brother Canada Power Shift Twist

We knew something was coming, but we didn’t know it’d be this. Last night on Big Brother Canada a new twist was introduced to Week 3 in the house and it could disrupt everything.

“Power Shift” is the twist and it allows viewers to vote to save one of the two nominees, Suzette and AJ, from eviction during Thursday’s results show. As a nice change of pace the voting, done here on Slice’s website, is not restricted to Canada, so feel free to vote away, viewers from the US and beyond.

What we understand will happen is that the winner of this public voting will be removed from the block as part of the Power Shift twist and Tom, the current HoH, will be forced to name a new nominee. No word on if he’ll be able to re-renom Gary who escaped danger during this week’s Veto Ceremony by Tom’s own choosing.

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