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Big Brother Canada: Week 6 Special Eviction Episode Tonight

| March 31, 2013 at 11:29 AM EDT

Big Brother Canada

Tonight on Big Brother Canada the series returns with a special eviction episode plus a lot more is crammed all in to one quick hour on Slice at 9PM.

Last we saw the HGs Topaz had just become the new Head of Household and was set to make her nominations. What the HGs didn’t expect was a rapid, double eviction week heading their way.

From what we discovered on the Feeds leak the other day the next eviction has already taken place and the HGs competed for another HoH (spoilers). What we don’t know is who was nominated in the next round or what’s going on with the Veto competition.

I’d expect tonight’s show to cover the nominations, Veto, eviction, and new HoH. That’s a lot of Big Brother to cover in just an hour, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they could do it.

Are you ready for more Big Brother Canada tonight? It should be an exciting show!

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Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 6 Feed Leaks

| March 30, 2013 at 2:05 PM EDT

Big Brother Canada Memory Wall - Week 3

As we’ve come to expect from Big Brother Canada in its debut season, the Feeds never manage to really stay off when they’re supposed to which means we’ve got spoilers for you. Avert your eyes if you want this to remain a surprise for Sunday’s episode.

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Big Brother Canada Live Feeds Off Until Sunday

| March 29, 2013 at 12:41 PM EDT

Big Brother Canada Live Feeds

Update: We’ve got spoilers from a brief Feed leak if you’re interested.

Since yesterday evening the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds have been turned off in preparation for some fast moving action in the house and big surprises for the remaining houseguests.

A “surprise eviction,” according to the Feeds’ message, is going to take place and right now all we know is that Topaz is in charge of those nominations. That means nominations, Veto comp & ceremony, an eviction, and a likely new HoH comp will all take place in the next few days and leave a lot of surprises for us as well.

If you were planning to watch the Feeds this weekend then you’ll be disappointed, but think of this as a forced Easter break to get out there and enjoy yourself.

The Feeds will return on Sunday night after the next Big Brother episode airs on Slice. What we’ll find when the Feeds return is anyone’s guess. We’ll keep an eye out for any leaks or spoilers along the way, but otherwise it could be a quiet few days.


Watch Big Brother Canada Episode 14 (VIDEO)

| March 29, 2013 at 10:47 AM EDT

Big Brother Canada & host Arisa Cox

Big Brother Canada last night offered up another fun eviction show (read our recap here) even though we all knew how that one was going to turn out. The votes were cast and another HG was evicted. Now we’ve got a brand new HoH and it should make this week very interesting as both sides may end up thinking they’re in control.

Watch Big Brother Canada episode 14 below and get caught up on the latest.

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Big Brother Canada: Week 5 Eviction & HoH Results

| March 28, 2013 at 9:58 PM EDT

Big Brother Canada

Big Brother Canada is back tonight with another almost-live eviction show where either Suzette or AJ will be sent packing and evicted from the debut season’s house.

Earlier today we made our predictions and are expecting Suzette to walk out the door by a nearly unanimous decision. Time to find out if that’s what’s going to happen. Plus we’ll be treated to the next Head of Household competition where one HG will be put in charge of setting up the next two nominees for eviction. It all starts right now on Big Brother Canada!

We’ll be updating live throughout tonight’s show right here so stick with us and keep refreshing for the latest results and news all night.

While we wait for tonight’s results I’m repeatedly reminding why I’m ready for Peter to go home. His Diary Room sessions are torturous. Is it just me?

Something we heard about earlier this week was a special power Gary secured in the game. We heard Alec cheated, again, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Instead one of the other guys (was it Alec or Emmett?) broke open the pinata successfully while Gary stood on the sidelines and then scooped in and took the “Golden Ticket” prize for himself.

Who Was Voted Off Big Brother Canada Tonight:

  • Emmett votes to evict Suzette
  • Topaz votes to evict Suzette
  • Andrew votes to evict Suzette
  • Gary votes to evict AJ
  • Jillian votes to evict Suzette
  • That’s enough votes. Suzette is evicted.
  • Peter votes to evict Suzette
  • Talla votes to evict Suzette

HGs vote to evict Suzette by a vote of 6-1. Not a surprise.

Tonight’s HoH competition is “Before or After?”

Who Won HoH On Big Brother Canada Tonight:

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