Kenny Shocks The Big Brother Canada House With Gay Reveal [PICS]

While the audience and Sarah have known Kenny is gay it was a big secret to the rest of the Big Brother Canada house. Well, until today that is.

Rachelle shocked by Kenny's revelation
Rachelle shocked by Kenny’s revelation – Source: Slice

As the HGs all gathered round the hot tub for a truth session Kenny decided to let loose his big surprise on them in their tree of trust. After leaning over and whispering to Sarah Kenny announces, “F*** it. I’m gay!”

Adel immediately laughs “no you’re not” thinking Kenny is joking around, as the mood has been very light hearted, but then they soon realize Kenny is serious. Everyone comes over and gives Kenny a hug and a few handshakes from the guys as they cheer Kenny on for being comfortable enough with them to share his story.

Lots of gasps and surprised faces around the hot tub as Kenny explains why he hadn’t shared the news before and how glad he is to get to tell them. Allison later jokes, “my heart is so happy, but my girl parts are sad.”

Sabrina tries to make a joke, but falls on her face with it. She says something about that being why Kenny likes yoga. Kenny tells Sabrina that’s a terrible thing to say and yoga is good for everyone regardless of sexuality. Sabrina quickly tries to backpedal and proclaims her three best friends are gay. Good grief Sabrina is a mess.

The guys joke around with Kenny and are all very supportive. Jon says if Big Brother asked him to guess which HG was gay the last one he would have guessed was Kenny. Adel jokes that if he had to guess it obviously would have been Arlie.

All in all it goes over very well with the house and everyone enjoys hearing Kenny’s stories about coming out to his family and things that have happened in the house so far as he kept it a secret to himself. You can be sure this will be part of Thursday’s show as it was a big event on the Feeds.

Check out pictures below from Kenny’s reveal to his fellow HGs.


  1. I find it weird that someone’s sexuality is such a big deal. Viewers were mad that Kenny was hiding his sexuality but it’s not like straight people go around announcing they’re straight so why would Kenny need to announce he’s gay! But anyway, finally!! Now he can be himself without having the burden of a lie sitting on his shoulders. I love Kenny!

    • While many of us have no problem with anyones sexual preference, it’s still considered a touchy subject. And I have no problem at all with Kenny hiding his preference. He’s already admitted to everyone who he is outside the house, and only hid it from those in the house as strategy. His strategy didn’t hurt anyone and wasn’t offensive. It’s his life, and to judge him for how he lives it and what he admits and what he hides, we’d be no different then a casual homophobe.

    • “Now he can be himself without having the burden of a lie sitting on his shoulders” I think that’s probably why *most* viewers were upset that he was hiding it. I agree with you wholeheartedly that sexuality shouldn’t be such a big deal!

      • Most viewers seemed to be upset because they thought it would make it seem like gay people should stay in the closet when it was clearly not his intention as he was open to Canada, oh well though, i’m glad he finally told everyone! 🙂

  2. Why do we have to know if he is gay or straight? what does his sexuality have to do with anything?

    • Did you get that special veto. It can be use for the next 3 veto, but she can’t tell. So it can only be use ounce. then.

      • Yes if she tell anybody right now, she can be evicted instantly. Did I hear, it can be use even after the Veto Comp? I’m still not clear of the whole thing…where is Matthew? lol

  3. I’m glad he told them. Only for the fact that it makes him feel better. In the scheme of the game it changes nothing.

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